More Scary Predictions

There is nothing new in the article or the demands by the DEP.  We have been on the verge of climate catastrophe for at least 40 years according to the climate alarmists. Actually, we have drowned, starved or been dead for years if any of their catastrophic predications were remotely accurate. This is merely another attempt to impose unreliable wind and solar energy by scaring New Jersey residents before the cost and unreliability are known.

While residents are supposed to be scared by the climate alarmist predictions, the climate alarmists are terrified of resident’s response as reality squashes the predications.


……beginning to encounter stronger opposition from business and other interests, who worry about the cost of phasing out fossil fuels and the reliability of new power sources.

Why should cost and energy reliability be ignored?


There should be no mistake that New Jersey is ground zero for some of the worst impacts of climate change,’’ LaTourette said. New Jersey has a risk of sea level rising two times faster than in most other places on the planet, he noted. “We have a serious likelihood of 2 feet of sea level rise by 2050 and 5 feet by 2100.

What evidence is there that New Jersey is ground zero?  Why are sea level rising so uniquely dramatically at New Jersey?  Could it be the land is sinking which has nothing to do with sea level rises? The sea level rises are guesses from Rutgers and shown implausible by Judith Curry

Why does the DEP provide only the implausible numbers?


Already, New Jersey has suffered through eight major storm events, causing 67 deaths, according to Fiordaliso, resulting in several billions of dollars in economic losses. “Is clean energy expensive? Yes, but how expensive would it be if we did nothing?’’ he asked.

Did storms ever hit New Jersey before carbon dioxide levels started to rise in the 1950’s? What is the increase in the number of storms and their intensity since then?


By the end of 2021, the state had a target of developing 600 megawatts of energy storage. It has less than 100 MW of storage capacity,

These are meaningless numbers.  Storage is measured in Megawatt hours, not megawatts.  This is similar to saying your car goes 60, 60 what?


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