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Popular solar program goes full time


‘The state is planning to make permanent a pilot program that delivers electricity from community solar projects to low- and moderate-income communities that mostly have not benefited from solar’s cheaper power.’

The correct term is subsidized solar energy, not cheaper. If solar and wind are really cheaper electric rates should decrease as more wind and solar are brought on line, instead rates increase?

From Alex Epstein Talking Points

Q: Aren’t solar and wind cheaper than fossil fuels?

A: Solar and wind are “unreliables” that depend on reliable fossil fuels, nuclear, and hydro infrastructure. They don’t replace the cost of fossil fuels, they add to the cost of fossil fuels. More solar+wind = higher prices.1

Reference 1 at

The real purpose of community solar is to create another lobbing group for solar subsidies.


‘–,delivers more solar energy to overburdened communities—’

Unless there are dedicated transmission lines from the solar panels to the users, the statement is incorrect. The community solar energy is mixed into the grid.

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