Most Americans agree with most of these five core principles. Most of the people we elect do not.

  1. Raise wages and cut taxes by enforcing immigration laws.
  2. Avoid gas tax hike by ?restructuring? unconstitutional $15.6 billion ?Transportation Trust Fund Authority? debt and cutting construction costs.
  3. Restructure Stockton College debt and cut costs so that $25,000 tuition can be cut in half.
  4. Get ?Common Core? and ?PAARC? testing out of our public schools so that teachers and again teach, and students can again learn.
  5. Fix Atlantic City with liberty?cut spending, restructure debt and cut taxes. Make laws simple and easy to comply with so everyone?not just political insiders can build and do business again.?? Apply basic principles of liberty to make city cleaner and safer while spending less money.

We are a non-political education organization. ?But we teach how important it is to obtain and keep political power. ?If you want to learn how to be more effective in politics, pleas meet us at the Shore Diner py Parkway Exit this Saturday at 9:30 AM. ? Thanks.

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