Most “Green” Energy From Wind Turbines, Solar Panels Is Wasted. Reprinted From

These 5 wind turbines were built on land owned by the Atlantic County Utilities Authority (ACUA) in 2006.  Each one cost $2.5 million for a total of $12.5 million. They are owned by two private companies that pay money to the ACUA.  However, we are not aware of any reports showing how much power produced these wind turbines is “dumped” and wasted.  We have no idea of how much fossil fuels are burned to run back-up generators that are not needed, but which must be ready to supply electricity instantly when the wind stops. We have no idea how much of the money paid to the ACUA comes from useful energy produced.  We have no idea how much of the money paid the the ACUA comes from extra fees added to our electric bills.  Photo by

Regarding the recent letter, “Many advantages from offshore wind power”:

The writer left out key facts about the five wind turbines that have been in Atlantic City since 2006.

They may produce “millions of kilowatt hours per year.” However, much if not most of that is wasted. Even more money and fossil fuels are wasted on back-up generators that are only needed for unpredictable and unreliable “green” energy.

The electric grid, like everything plugged into it, needs steady, reliable electric current. Your microwave needs 1,200 watts at 10 amps and 120 volts every time you use it.

After more than a hundred years, the best engineers still can’t store large amounts of electricity from wind, solar or lightning. Too much of that power must be “dumped” to keep the grid stable. Since wind turbines, like the wind, can stop or slow down at any time (like they did for a week last July), back-up nuclear or fossil fuel generators must run at all times — even when there is enough wind.

It seems that nobody wants us to know. The five wind turbines in Atlantic City are owned by two private companies. They report only how much money they pay the Atlantic County Utility Authorities for putting wind turbines on its land. They do not report how much of their power is dumped. Or how much money and fossil fuels the electric company must waste to back them up.

The professors and students at Stockton University’s $39.5-million Unified Science Center could easily do that research. Shouldn’t they do it before we build 99 wind turbines 15 miles out in the ocean at more than $16 million each?

Seth Grossman

Atlantic City

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Voice of the People, Aug. 16, 2021 | Letters |

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