MSNBC Article Trashing Florida Gov DeSantis Is Dishonest and Deceptive Propaganda, Not News.

MSNBC’s use of “mini-Trump” and “MAGA Gov. Ron DeSantis” rather than “Republican Gov. Ron DeSantis” in its headline and lead is Democrat propaganda, not news.  The obvious purpose is to mislead its never-Trump viewers into unfairly disliking DeSantis for things they don’t like about Trump.

Governor Ron DeSantis is different from former President Trump in many ways.  DeSantis was not born with wealth.  He worked his way through college.  DeSantis graduated from both Yale and Harvard Law School with honors.  DeSantis then served as an officer in the U.S. Navy.  DeSantis interrogated and prosecuted terrorists in Iraq and Guantanamo. DeSantis is an avid reader and historian.  He does his own research as well as consult with experts.  DeSantis carefully plans and thinks through what he says and does.  DeSantis never urged anyone to go to Washington, D.C. on January 6.  MSNBC knows that most of its viewers dislike former President Trump and that they blame Trump for the violence on January 6.  This article by MSNBC is deliberately slanted into not noticing the many obvious differences between Trump and DeSantis.

MSNBC falsely reports that DeSantis “maintained his crusade against safety measures” and was “banning mask mandates”.  The truth is that DeSantis has been praised by Republicans and Democrats alike for effectively fighting the coronavirus from the beginning.  DeSantis protected sick and the elderly far better than Governors in New York, New Jersey Pennsylvania and most other states. DeSantis was quick to quarantine them and give them priority for vaccines and new treatments.  This kept hospitalization and death rates down, even though Florida has a very large senior citizen population.  Meanwhile, DeSantis was quicker than most other Governors to reopen schools and businesses.

DeSantis efforts “banning mask mandates” applied only to the state’s public schools.   So far, there is no medical or scientific evidence that masks protect school age children from coronavirus.  There is much evidence that masks are harmful to children.

MSNBC is critical of DeSantis for trying to cut salaries of local school officials who defied his state government policy on masks.   DeSantis gave up on that effort when he found he lacked legal authority.  Meanwhile, MSNBC consistently praises Democrat officials who pursue their policies without legal authority.  MSNBC consistently praised former President Obama and current President Biden for blatantly violating immigration laws they didn’t like  MSNBC praised state and local officials who consistently defied federal immigration laws with “sanctuary” cities and states.  MSNBC praised President Biden for defying the Constitution and the Supreme Court by issuing illegal moratoriums on the eviction of tenants who refuse to pay rent, damage property, or threaten or disturb their neighbors.

However, the most deceptive part of the MSNBC articles is what it did NOT report.  The article made no mention that more than a million “migrants” from foreign countries entered the United States through Texas and have moved throughout the southern part of the country during the past nine months.  On August 4,  Javier Villalobos, Mayor of McAllen, Texas, a border town reported that 1,500 of 7,000 released by the Border Patrol during the previous week tested positive for the coronavirus.  Click here for link to the report.

More than 1,500 coronavirus-positive migrants released in one week into Texas border town (

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