Multiple Choice Question: How Did Democrat Biden “Win” More Votes Than Trump?

Microsoft Daily “News” Summary from October 29, 2020 was typical of what Microsoft Edge/Explorer posted on its home page for every user in America during the year before the election.  Microsoft never posted any news story describing contents of Hunter Biden laptop confirming that his father Joe Biden sold US technology and trade deals to Communist China, Ukraine, and Columbia in exchange for bribes.  Microsoft never posted any story of Obama lies, failures, and crimes on Obamacare, Iran nuclear deal, “green” energy pay-to-play giveaways, “flexibility” with Russia, spying on, framing, and illegally bullying journalists and political opponents. 

1.ABC,NBC, CBS, CNN, MSNBC, NPR, BBC, Washington Post, New York and LA Times, Associated Press and every daily newspaper in America did not publish stories of any failures, mistakes, or provable crimes by President Obama or other Democrats, while repeatedly posting every negative statement or action of President Trump–including unproven gossip of things supposedly said privately, and outright lies. They did this non-stop for 5 years.

2.  Facebook, Twitter, Google, YouTube, Wikipedia, Microsoft “News”, Yahoo “News” and other Big Tech companies amplified the above “mainstream” news sources by prominently posting and sharing only positive articles about Democrats, and negative articles about Trump, Republicans, conservatives, and Christians.

3.  Facebook, Twitter, Google, YouTube, Wikipedia, Microsoft “News”, Yahoo “News” and other Big Tech used sophisticated algorithms to systematically block, restrict and ban every individual and organization who tried to use their platforms to present facts or opinions that in any way challenged or contradicted Democrat talking points or agendas.  Until last March, Liberty and Prosperity posts consistently reached more than 80,000 people each week. By June, Facebook reduced our audience to 3,500 per week.  Twitter did the same.  This was done to every conservative individual and group including President Trump, Marc Levin, Prager University, etc.

4.  Since 1989, Democrats and Bush-McCain Republicans systematically brought more than 1.2 million legal immigrants plus hundreds of thousands of “refugees” to America from countries that taught them hate-America, hate-Christian doctrines since child. They also allowed roughly 20 million to 30 million additional foreigners from these countries enter and remain in America illegally.  Many were deliberately settled in “battleground” or “swing” states like Minnesota, Michigan, Georgia, and Virginia. There were no safeguards or procedures to prevent non-citizens from voting, and many did vote.

5.   President Trump needlessly lost hundreds of thousands of votes during the September 29 First Debate in Cleveland by attacking Biden, rather his time speaking to 75 million voters without the media filter to effectively refute Democrat talking points used against him during the past 5 years.

6.  Democrat Biden gained 99% of the vote in sections of key swing states by simply saying the Arabic word “inshallah”.  See Biden’s ‘Inshallah’ Islamopandering (

7.  Democrats and Bush-McCain Republicans since 2001 turned Election Day into a six week vote harvest that favors Democrats who have an army of government and “charity” funded “community organizers” who dispense government benefits year round and have six weeks to “harvest” votes.

8.   Democrats and Bush-McCain Republicans since 1990’s replaced tamper-proof Shoup and Myers “lever mechanical” voting machines with electronic voting machines that are easily “hacked”.  It appears that results from many of those electronic voting machines were in fact “hacked”.

9.  Many states mailed hundreds of thousands of ballots to voters who had died or moved, and thousands of duplicate ballots to people who changed their names or were automatically registered through driver license and motor vehicle applications.  It appears that many of these ballots ended up in the hands of Democrat “ballot harvesters”, and were completed and dropped in mail boxes and “lock boxes”.  It also appears that many of these ballots were opened and counted without being checked to see if they were submitted by genuine qualified voters.

10.  All of the Above.

11.  Other:  _________________________________________  (Please Post As A Comment)

(In spite of all this, more than 74 million qualified American voters cast ballots for President Trump.  This surprised and frightened Democrats who are now demanding that even more action be taken against us.)

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