NAACP Convention in Atlantic City

The NAACP (National Association for the Advancement of Colored People) is holding its 113th National Convention in Atlantic City, New Jersey.  Its website claims that its “workshops and discussions” will “promote solutions to some of the most pressing issues facing Black communities”.  It specifically identifies four of those “most pressing issues”. They are “voter suppression, student debt, police brutality and reproductive rights”.

But do those issues relay relate to what is causing the unsustainable poverty, violence, anger, and misery in most black communities today?

How can “voter suppression” be an issue if Black Americans consistently vote in higher number than almost any other racial or ethnic or racial group in almost every election?  How can “student debt” be a “pressing issue” if most of that debt is incurred by white students to obtain masters and doctorate degrees?  And besides, isn’t “student debt” really a secondary issue?  Isn’t it merely the result of obscenely high and unsustainable high costs for college tuitions, fees, and books?  Why doesn’t the NAACP mention that real issue?

Is “police brutality” the cause of violence and anger in Black communities?  Or are police simply responding to violence and anger of far too many young black men who Thomas Sowell described in his 2005 book “Black Rednecks and White Liberals”.

Finally, why are “reproductive rights” a “pressing issue” for Black Americans.  For 2017, the most recent year I could document, there were 851,000 abortions and 3,855,500 live births in America.  Roughly 18% of all pregnancies in America ended with an abortion.  However, among Black Americans, there were 295,000 abortions and 870,000 live births.  Roughly 34% of all Black pregnancies ended with an abortion. Is that statistic good for Black Americans?  Supporting “reproductive rights” really means fighting a movement that questions, and seeks to limit the massive number of abortions, especially barbaric abortions in the eighth and ninth months of pregnancy.  How has this massive number of abortions helped Black communities since 1973?  Have they done more harm than good?  Why aren’t; there “workshops and discussions” addressing those questions?

Meanwhile, here are four issues “facing Black communities” that are far more “pressing”:

  1. More than 64% of all Black children in America are raised in one-parent families. That is more than three times higher than the percentage of one-parent households for any other racial or ethnic group in the world.
  2. Each year, roughly 10,000 Black Americans are murdered or otherwise deliberately killed each year.  Almost all of those deaths are caused by other Black Americans.
  3. According to the National Assessment of Educational Progress (NAEP), a sector of the U.S. Department of Education, 84 percent of Black students lack proficiency in mathematics and 85 percent of Black students lack proficiency in reading skills.
  4. Stephen R. Covey in his book “7 Habits of Highly Successful People” observed that most people who succeed in reaching their goals are “pro-active”.  They focus on things they can control, such as their attitude, education, skills to learn, enthusiasm, habits, useful hobbies, etc.   Those who fail tend to be “reactive” and blame others for their situation.  They focus on things they can’t control such as  other’s opinions, other’s mistakes, the economy, what people think of them, politics, the weather, etc.  Many other psychologists and counselors have made similar observations.  Are Black community leaders promoting a “reactive” culture of failure?

Why is the NAACP focused on fake issues that are not affecting Black communities, while completely ignoring the key issues that do?

Can it be that the NAACP is run by leaders who are doing what is best for their own careers, rather than what is good for most Black Americans?  Do most NAACP leaders have well paid jobs with government agencies or businesses because of politics, or “diversity” preferences or set-asides?  Do their personal careers depend of having “woke” Democrats and weak Republicans winning election after election?  Are the four issues specifically promoted at its convention in Atlantic City this year “most pressing” because these are the four issues Democrat political consultants say they need to win this year’s mid-term elections?

Can it be that the NAACP is deliberately avoiding the real issues that affect Black Americans because they will hurt Democrats at the polls?  Is the NAACP more interested in helping high paid white Democrat teachers and professors and their unions than Black students?  Are they afraid to take on Hollywood celebrities and producers who exploit and profit from the black gangster and drug culture?  Are they afraid to oppose America’s enemies in Communist China and the Islamic world who are spending millions to divide and destroy America?

And of course, do NAACP leaders and Black politicians really want most blacks to be educated, safe, independent and self-reliant without depending on the government, the Democratic Partyor them?

If this explains what the NAACP is doing, it is certainly nothing new.  In 1911, Robert Michels wrote a whole book about how the elites of most large political, labor, and social organizations eventually promote their own interests at the expense of the people they claim to represent.

The same can be said about the ADL (Anti-Defamation League) and HIAS (Hebrew Immigrant Aid Society), two Jewish organizations which consistently promote progams and policies which are harmful to Israel and most Jews.  The same can be said about most labor unions which promote massive legal and illegal immigration which lowers the wages of their members.

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