New Dr. Robert M. Fleisher/Liberty & Prosperity Scholarships For NJ High School Seniors!

Last year, we set up the Doctor Robert M. Fleisher/ Liberty and Prosperity scholarship fund for high school seniors. So far, our members and others have donated more than two thousand dollars. We are now offering two one thousand dollar awards to qualified high school students in New Jersey.

We are looking for graduating seniors who want to know more about the Constitution, or who are active in student government.

We believe they are learning important skills and gaining knowledge that will benefit themselves and others later in life. We want to help them become the leaders of tomorrow and to promote the continued progress and flourishing of the United States.

All applications for the two awards offered in 2024 must be received before April 15, 2024.

Click below link for details on how to apply for this scholarship, or to donate to this fund. With your help, we can offer more scholarships this year, and continue his program into next year.

Dr. Robert M. Fleisher Liberty and Prosperity Award |

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