New Jersey To Follow Texas

Energy, to be beneficial to humans, must be affordable, reliable and plentiful.  Wind and solar meets none of these requirements.  The recent Texas blackouts show the danger of relying on wind and solar to supply energy during a extreme event. While coal, gas and nuclear struggled to provide power, wind and solar completely collapsed.

The New Jersey Energy plan requires 28.000 MW of unreliable power, 11,000 MW of wind and 17,000 MW of solar. Only 3,500 MW of reliable nuclear power will be available and an unknown amount of semi-reliable battery power.  Where is the reliable power on a still or low wind overcast day? What happens when the batteries have discharged and it is a still night? The Texas grid almost collapsed with 23% of the grid being wind, the New Jersey plan will have wind and solar being 80% of the grid capacity.

What is the cost of the wind energy?  Is it affordable, who knows? The BPU has not provided cost estimates.  The contracted 1,100 MW Ocean Wind prices excludes the cost of the back-up batteries.

Wind and solar will not provide the reliable and affordable energy New Jersey residents require to maintain their prosperity and generate the wealth necessary to adapt to climate change.


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