New program! If you live in NJ, Obama will pay your mortgage!

A friend of mine just got this notice from her mortgage company. ? “You have been approved for mortgage payment assistance through NJ’s Hardest Hit Fund program. ? Earlier this year, the federal government established the Hardest Hit Fund program to help struggling homeowners in states hit hard by the economy and housing market. . . Beginning this month, the NJ Housing and Mortgage Finance Agency will be making all payments due on your loan and sending them directly to us. ? After each payment is made, you will see it on your mortgage statement, showing the payment was made. ? You should receive information from the state regarding the number of payments to be made under this program. ? If your mortgage payments are being made through automatic, electronic withdrawals, to Wells Fargo, ?you those payments while the government is making your payments”. ? ?My friend has a good job, no children, and few expenses. ? She owns a beautiful townhouse with a nice view of the lake. ? Yet Obama, moderate Republicans, and the TV networks say our $17 trillion debt is not high enough and we need to borrow even more to pay my friend’s mortgage for the next year or so. ? Seth Grossman

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