New York Post: VP Biden Gave Cash, Sweetheart Deals to Ukraine, China. They Paid His Son Hunter. Hunter Kicked Back Half To “Pop”!

The emails reportedly found on Hunter Biden’s laptop match up to previously reported and undisputed facts.  Yet this story was still not covered by the Press of Atlantic City or any mainstream newspaper or radio or TV news service.  Facebook and Twitter suspended or restricted any customer who tried to share this story.  Meanwhile, for the past four years, each of those news outlets posted, published, and reported every unsubstantiated rumor about President Trump — even from “unnamed sources”!

              Joe Biden was  Democratic President Obama’s Vice-President for eight years from 2009 to 2017.  During that time, Biden was sent on many diplomatic missions on behalf of the President.  One of those missions was to the Ukraine in Europe.  Another was to Communist China in Asia.


Ukraine used to be part of the Communist Soviet Union.  It was run by dictators Vladimir Lenin, Joseph Stalin, or whoever else was “General Secretary” of the Russian Communist Party.  In 1991, the Ukraine became an independent nation.  However, hard line Russian Communists like Vladimir Putin soon again demanded control of the Ukraine.

In 2014, Putin thought a newly elected Ukrainian government had become too independent of Russia.  He paid rebels and rioters to overthrow or weaken it.  Putin also threatened to have his Russian army invade and occupy the country. The Ukrainian government was desperate.  It turned to the European Union and the United States for help, including military help.  For various reasons, the European Union was unwilling or unable to help.  That left only the United States.

In 2014, President Obama then sent Joe Biden, his Vice-President to meet with the Ukrainians to find out what help they needed and how we could help them maintain their independence.   Biden brought his son Hunter Biden and Hunter’s friend Devon Archer with him.  Neither of them were officially connected to the U.S. government in any way.

As soon as Vice-President Biden began his mission, his son Hunter and Devon Archer were put on the Board of Directors of Burisma, a Ukrainian government controlled natural gas company.  Neither spoke Russian or Ukrainian.  Neither  had any knowledge or training in the country or the natural gas industry.  Each of them was paid $50,000 to $83,000 per month.  Those payments continued until they became a problem for Democrats during their impeachment of President Trump.

Shortly afterwards, the United States gave massive amounts of aid, including military aid, to the Ukrainian government.

In 2016, the Ukrainian government began investigating and prosecuting corruption involving its Burisma gas company.  In particular, its prosecutor was investigating payments and bribes made by Burisma.  Later, Vice-President bragged to a gathering of the Council of Foreign relations that he personally intervened and stopped that investigation.  Vice President Biden said he did that by threatening to block a billion dollars of aid to the Ukraine previously approved by Congress.

This raises many issues:  How did the U.S. agree on giving one billion to the Ukraine?  Was that the original number suggested.  Or was that number raised to give the Ukraine extra cash that could be kicked back to people like Joe Biden’s son?


Ever since the 1990’s, Communist China has been paying huge sums to politicians and opinion makers in the United States to get various benefits.  They included Democratic President Bill Clinton in 1996, Hunter Biden, the son of Democratic Vice President Joe Biden in 2013, and teachers and administrators of the Linwood and Egg Harbor Township Public Schools near Atlantic City, New Jersey!

In 1996, unknown sources in China gave large sums of money to dozens of Buddhist monks who then made large campaign donations to Democratic President Bill Clinton. Since then, China has made large donations to public schools, universities, profession basketball teams in the U.S., Hollywood movie and TV studios, etc.  In return, China won many trade deals that hurt American industry.  It won public support for crushing democracy in Hong Kong.  It silenced anyone in government, the media, or public health establishment who criticized its handling of the coronavirus.

In 2009, Vice-President Biden’s son Hunter formed a Rosemont Seneca Partners,  financial service company with Christopher Heinz, the stepson of former Secretary of State John Kerry.  Neither had any experience in investment banking.

In 2013, President Obama sent his Vice President,  Joseph Biden to negotiate several issues with China.  Joseph Biden took his son Hunter along, even though Hunter had no official position with the United States government.

Ten days later, the Communist regime’s Bank of China gave Hunter Biden’s company one billion dollars to invest.


These are just two of many examples where Joe Biden’s son Hunter, his wife Jill, or his brother James just happened to get highly profitable contracts or jobs doing work they know nothing about, from corporations or foreign governments– right at the same time those corporations or foreign governments got favors from the U.S. government arranged by Vice President Joe Biden! getting favors from the U.S. Government!


In April of 2019,  Hunter Biden brought his laptop computer to a computer repair shop in Delaware for repairs.  The laptop had been damaged by water.  The laptop contained thousands of emails from Hunter Biden.

Several of those emails confirmed that Vice President Biden had met with Ukrainian officials who later approved lucrative contracts with his son.   Others confirmed previously reported deals between Hunter Biden and businesses connected to the Chinese Communist government.   Those emails suggested that Vice President Biden was involved in those negotiations.

Some of the emails suggested that Hunter Biden was to give half the money he “earned” from these contracts to his father, the Vice-President.

The owner of the computer repair shop says he took ownership of the laptop when Hunter Biden failed to pay for the repairs and pick it up within ninety days.  He then found thousands of emails and hundreds of photos on the hard drive.   The owner of the repair shop copied all the files.  Then he gave the laptop to the FBI in December of 2019.


On October 14, 2020, the New York Post obtained possession of the emails and published a series of front page articles about Vice President Biden’s involvement in his son’s business deals.    However, no other newspaper or TV or radio news network reported that story.  Facebook and Twitter deleted the accounts of private user who posted any information from the New York Post story.   Facebook and/or Twitter users who had their accounts deleted or suspended for doing this included Jake Sherman of Politico, President Trump’s campaign,  The New York Post, Jack Prosobiec, President Trump’s Press Secretary Kayleigh McEnany, James Woods and dozens, if not hundreds of others.

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