New York Times Wrong. “America’s Longest War” Not Over. Just Relocated To America.

Afghanistan is “America’s Longest War”.  However, it did not end when we left Afghanistan. All we did was bring the war home.  That war did not begin 20 years ago.  It began 1,400 years ago.  That was when Muhammad left Mecca in 622 and gave up on preaching and persuasion to win converts to his religion.  When Muhammad arrived in Mecca used murder, war, torture, threats, robbery, theft, enslavement, rape, and deception instead to win converts.  Muhammad and his followers were so successful when they did this that they destroyed Roman, Greek, and Persian empires, and took over two thirds of Christian world in less than a hundred years.

During the next 700 years, Christians learned how to fight back.  In 732, Charles Martel raised an army that stopped them and drove them out of France. From 1095 to 1291, Christians fought the Crusades to protect Christian minorities in what is now Syria, Lebanon, Israel, Jordan, and Palestine. In 1492, Christians drove Muhammad’s followers out of Spain.  In 1683, Christians drove the Turks after most of Eastern Europe.  In the 1700’s, the British took control of most of what is now India and Pakistan.

During the 1700s, a fundamentalist Islamic scholar name Muhammad al-Wahhab (Wahab) preached a very militant, violent, and popular doctrine to revive Islamic domination. Wahab rejected centuries of Islamic scholarship that tolerated dissenting views and co-existence with Jews and Christians.  Wahab taught that his interpretation of the Koran and the Hadith (the words and actions of the Prophet Muhammad) determined the only rules to be followed by true Muslims.  True Muslims had to swear absolute loyalty to their religious leader.  Second, they had to follow his teachings in every respect.  Third, they had to aggressively fight a holy war (jihad) against all unbelievers and all “blasphemers and apostates (Muslims who rejected or dissented from these teachings) until everyone in the world embrace Islam.

“And fight them on until there is no more tumult or oppression, and their prevails justice and faith in Allah altogether and everywhere” (Koran, Surah 2, Verse 8 and Chapter 8, Verse 39).

Wahab called his interpretation of Islam as “Tawhid” (Unity).  His opponents called it “Wahabi”.  (Source:  “God’s Terrorists” by Charles Allen, published 2006.  Pages 45 to 59)

In 1744, Wahab formed a partnership with Muhhammad ibn Saud, the warlord of most of Arabia, now called Saudi Arabia. When Wahab resigned as imam in 1773 at age 70, a Saudi warrior prince took Wahab’s place as imam of the kingdom.  The followers of Wahab and the Saudi family have been close partners ever since.

Above is a the Darul Uloom or Seminary of Deoband, just north of Delhi, India.  It has been training scholars and imams in the violent and intolerant doctrines of Wahhab (also Wahab or Wahabi) since 1866.  The word “Taliban” means “students”.  The teachers of the Taliban in Afghanistan learned the Wahab doctrine at this Seminary.   

In 1730, Shah Waliullah of Delhi, India made his hajj, the required once in a lifetime pilgrimage to Mecca in Arabia.  He then went to Medina to study with Wahab.  He embraced Wahab’s violent, intolerant doctrine, and taught it throughout what is now India and Pakistan.  This resulted in two hundred years of riots, murders, assassinations, and wars against Buddhists and Hindus in India, moderate Muslims who opposed Wahab’s teachings, and the British in India who protected them. In 1866, followers of the Wahab doctrine in India and Pakistan established a seminary or Darul Uloom in Deoband, a city on the Grand Trunk Road just north of Delhi, India.  This was a very well funded and sophisticated Islamic school that taught the Wahab doctrine to thousands of Islamic scholars, preachers, and imams from Morocco in North Africa on the Atlantic Ocean in the West, to the Java and Sumatra in the Dutch East Indies (now Indonesia) on the Pacific Ocean in the East.  The word “Taliban” comes from the Arabic word “Talib” which means student.  The word “Taliban” itself means “students”.  They are students of the Wahab doctrine that is taught in the Wahab seminary in Deoband, India, and in thousands of madrasses in Pakistan.

Above 1968 Vietnam War Protest Poster:  “Woke” Democrats were more honest in 1968.  Back then they admitted that their goal was not to bring peace to Vietnam.  Their goal was to bring war and revolution to America.

It is true that a preliminary goal of the Taliban in going to war against us was to eliminate us and all non-Muslims and moderate Muslims from Afghanistan.  However, that is not their final goal.  Their final goal to to eliminate non-Muslims and moderate Muslims from the rest of the world.  That war is just beginning.

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