Nikki Haley Absolutely Right! George Washington Gave Us Our Constitution! The ‘History Professors’ Who Mocked Her On Twitter, Bing & Newsweek Were Wrong, Hateful, Ignorant– & Very Dangerous!

It is an undisputed historical fact that George Washington gave us our Constitution.  It is also undisputed that George Washington’s personal achievements created our nation, and that his personal character created the American character of our nation for 200 years.  That is why Washington’s Birthday on February 22 was one of America’s most popular national holidays.

In 1968, Democratic President Lyndon Johnson and a Democrat majority Congress replaced Washington’s Birthday with a three day weekend holiday for government employees in February called “President’s Day”.

George Washington grew up poor.  He was ten years old when his father died and left most of his property to the children of his first wife.  Washington quit school to work his family’s small farm.  However, Washington gave himself a first class education by reading books.  At age 16, Washington became an apprentice surveyor.  That means he spent two years working for free to learn the trade.  Washington then used his self-taught education, surveying skills, and social networking skills (which included volunteering for the military and knowing how to dress and act at dinner parties) to become one of the richest men in America by his 30s. Washington was not alone.  Benjamin Franklin had similar experiences, and achieved similar success.  Franklin published a newspaper, Poor Richard’s Almanack, that was widely read throughout America.  Franklin’s newspaper gave practical advice on the planning, skills, and self-discipline that almost any young person could use to take advantage of the “boundless opportunities” found in America.

In 1775, at age 43, George Washington left a life of wealth and comfort to command and live with the rag-tag volunteers of the American Army.  Washington often lived with his men in primitive conditions, such as in Valley Forge during the winter of 1777-1778.  Washington served without pay for eight years.

After defeating the British Army, then the most powerful in the world, Washington’s soldiers urged him to run the government.  Washington refused.  In 1783,  George Washington resigned from the army and went home.  George Washington said he did not sacrifice eight years of his life so America could replace one king with another.  That single act was one of Washington’s greatest achievements.

Napoleon Bonaparte led the “people’s army” of the French Revolution against the kings and nobles of France and much of Europe.  After defeating them in 1802, Napoleon made himself “First Consul (Dictator) For Life”.  When asked why, Napoleon is said to have remarked, “Do you think I’m George Washington?”  Other leaders  who made themselves dictators for life after winning wars of “liberation” for “the people” include Julius Caesar of the Roman Republic, Oliver Cromwell of England, Vladimir Lenin of Russia, Mao ZeDong of China, Ho Chi Min of Vietnam, Fidel Castro of Cuba, Ayatollah Khomeini of Iran, and Hugo Chavez of Venezuela.

In 1785, two years after Washington quit, there was a severe crisis that was ruining the American economy.  Each of the 13 states tried to cut taxes for its own citizens by heavily taxing people and goods coming in from other states.  This was hurting George Washington’s business, and he said this would destroy the country.

Washington invited leaders from several states to discuss the problem at his home in Mount Vernon, Virginia,  In 1786, the following year, Washington set up a conference in Annapolis, where leaders from other states participated.  They reached an agreement that the 1777 Articles of Confederation were not working, and that a new Constitution was needed.

This painting made at the time clearly shows George Washington presiding over the Constitutional Convention in Philadelphia, in 1787.  Yet dozens of well-paid, tenured college professors ridiculed Nikki Haley on Twitter, Newsweek, and Bing for stating this obvious and undisputed truth.  The ignorance and hatred of these professors and the media are destroying America brick by brick.

A new “Constitutional Convention” with delegates from all 13 states was then held in Philadelphia in 1787.  The delegates unanimously chose George Washington to preside over that Convention.  Washington personally supervised all of the debates, discussions, and votes that produced the United States Constitution in 1787.  The delegates created the office of President in that new Constitution with George Washington in mind.

The “Commerce Clause”,  the second paragraph of Article I, Section 8, took away the power of any state to tax or restrict the movement of goods or people coming in from any other state.  In 1788, the following year, George Washington became America’s President under that new Constitution.   Washington served two four year terms.  Although Washington was asked to serve a third term, he left and went home after his second term expired, setting the precedent of term limits for President that is now in our Constitution.

Nikki Haley’s comments about George Washington were 100% historically true and accurate.  The college professors who attacked and ridiculed Haley for those comments were 100% wrong and ignorant.  This is dangerous.  At least three generations of Americans have been taught fake history by teachers and professors  who are well paid, and who have tenure.  That means they cannot be fired for being wrong, biased, and ignorant.  This must change if our country is to survive.

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