NJ Assembly Moves Toward Mandatory Flu Vaccinations for Health Care Workers

The NJ General Assembly passed bill A2172 by a vote of 55-17-5-3. ? This bill requires certain health care facilities, e.g. hospitals, to provide the flu shot to their employees. ? It also makes it harder for employees to refuse the flu shot.

Some health care employers have attempted to force employees to obtain the flu shot. ? Other states, e.g. Rhode Island, have mandated the flu shot for health care workers when the flu is “wide-spread.” ? Employees have gone to court to protect their right not to be forced to vaccinate.

Why is government getting involved in this matter? ? Do you agree with this measure? ? Or do you think this is another instance of government intruding in the lives of citizens and depriving them of their liberty? ?Leave your comment below.

  • Seth Grossman

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