NJ Attorney General goes after Margate

Governor Chris Christie continues to disregard the will of Margate’s residents and appears intent on forcing Margate to participate in the dune project. ? Margate’s voters held a referendum, where they overwhelmingly declared that they do not want to participate in the dune project.

LibertyandProsperity.org’s eighth liberty principle is:

Give citizens and elected officials the right to easily place non-binding public questions on every election ballot to determine public opinion on any issue of public importance.

@ the Beach reports the latest development in this “Dune-Gate” situation, “ANOTHER SHOE FALLS – THE RECENT NJ AG LETTER TO MARGATE MAYOR BECKER“:


Glenn Klotz opines:

So, my guess is by this summer the local 2001 law will be gone and Becker and Taube will be discussing how to ?hand over the city easements, as well as any other city assets the invaders might request. ?From here on, its all going to be a staged and scripted theater folks, pay it no mind. All that will matter to these people going forward is that the $20 mil. in Federal MONEY starts flowing to the right people’s bank accounts. The rest is just process and theater, nothing more.

Liberty and Prosperity encourages municipalities to hold referendums so that elected and appointed government leaders can respect the will and rights of free citizens. ? Rather than Trentonian masterminds, it is the people of Margate, who should be master’s of their destiny and whose referendum results should be respected by Governor Chris Christie and his administration.

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