NJ BPU Warns Utilities Over ‘Intolerable’ Ocean Wind Delays

Last week, Joseph Fiordaliso, President of the NJ Board of Utilities (BPU) accused New Jersey’s power companies of “dragging their feet” in moving their ocean wind projects forward.  He said “time is not a luxury New Jersey can afford”.

In remarks at the June 7 meeting of the BPU, Fiordaliso said:

“Time in building these wind turbines is not a luxury New Jersey can afford. . .  We cannot afford any more delays!”

Although  Fiordaliso did not mention any company by name, he said he hoped representatives of at least one of the companies was listening, and would bring word back to their superiors.

“Put your nose to the grindstone and let’s get this going again, Fiordaliso said. “Because my patience is short and these delays are intolerable.  And if you cand do that, we’re going to have an intense discussion”.

Click here for link for article published by The Press of Atlantic City on June 13, 2023:  BPU president calls out wind power companies over delays (pressofatlanticcity.com)

Fiordaliso claimed that he was impatient because “climate change continues to progress at a rate that is dangerous”.  However, there is no evidence of dramatic temperature increases in recent years.  There is no evidence use of fossil fuels by Americans is causing global warming.  There is no evidence that wind turbines reduce carbon use.  There is much evidence that nuclear power plants are a far better source of abundant, affordable, and reliable electricity.

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It is far more likely that Fiordaliso is in a hurry to get ocean wind turbines built because opposition to the project is growing every day.  Republican Congressmen Jeff Van Drew and Chris Smith recently persuaded Congress to hold hearings to investigate the harmful effects of wind turbines.   Click here for article published by Yahoo News and the Asbury Park Press on June 16, 2023:  NJ offshore wind industry impacts to be scrutinized by feds: Rep. Chris Smith (yahoo.com)

Also, Democratic members of the New Jersey State Senate and Assembly expressed concerns about ocean wind turbines.  Several have indicated privately that they are not willing to approve additional electric rate increases to pay for them.

Joseph Fiordaliso has no education, training, or expertise in science or energy.  He was a teacher at Vailsburg High School and Bloomfield High School near Newark, New Jersey from 1967 to 1986.  He is a lifelong Democrat who went into politics in 1988.  He was elected three times to the Livingston City Council where he was appointed mayor.  In 1990, he was appointed to be the Director of Planning and Development for Essex County.  He was then hired to run the Legislative District Office for Democratic Senate President Richard Codey.  Fiordaliso continued to work for Codey when Codey became Acting Governor following the resignation of Jim McGreevey.  Fiordaliso was appointed to the Board of Public Utilities by Democrat Codey in 2005.  He was reappointed by Republican Governor Chris Christie in 2011 and 2013.  Click Here For Link to Philadelphia TV10 Post on Joseph Fioraliso from 2021:  Meet Joseph Fiordaliso, the Man in Charge of NJ’s Offshore Wind Expansion – NBC10 Philadelphia (nbcphiladelphia.com)

As I see it, Fiordaliso’s impatience is a sign that ocean wind turbines are far from a done deal.  Every day, we learn about more negative impacts.  During the past month, we learned from the Draft Environmental Impact Statement (DEIS) submitted by Atlantic Shores that ocean wind turbines will make the ocean look like an industrial park from every beach in New Jersey.  Someone looking at the ocean from in front of Boardwalk Hall in Atlantic City will see 876 wind turbines with the naked eye.  Someone standing in front of the Brigantin Hotel (now the Legacy Vacation Club) will see 722.  Someone standing on the beach in front of Lucy the Elephant in Margate will see 568 wind turbines.

Click here for link to full article in June 15, 2023 edition of Shore Local Newsmagazine:  BOEM to hold public meetings on Atlantic Shores wind project – Shore Local Newsmagazine

Please participate in the two in-person and two online public hearings to be held by the U.S. Bureau of Ocean Energy Management on June  21, June 22, June 26 and June 18.  Click our “Events” Section above for details.

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