NJ Energy Report – April 2024

NJ Energy Report – April  2024

Actions and comments affecting the New Jersey energy supply.



  • The actions taken this month, particularly wind and solar related, continue to show there is no concern about energy costs and reliability.
  • Implementing the Energy Master plan and reduce carbon dioxide emissions to stop climate change are the only concern.
  • There is no discussion or evident concern of the economic and human effects unreliable and unaffordable electricity will have on life and society in the state.

Energy Supply

Offshore Wind Turbines

Bids Requested for offshore wind transmission lines (1)

  • The BPU requested bid solicitation to design a transmission line to bring offshore wind turbine electricity to land. The desired design is a 6,000 MW backbone cable which has one landing location in north Jersey.
  • It is unknown how many bids will be received.
  • Under current plans the transmission cable design and construction will not be charged to the wind suppliers but will be listed as grid modifications.
  • The environmental effects of the transmission cable heat on marine life are currently unknown.


(1`) https://www.njspotlightnews.org/2024/04/nj-looks-to-advance-efforts-to-build-offshore-wind-transmission/


New York Wind Turbine Status (1)

  • The New York authority for building offshore wind turbines canceled three wind complex contracts due to lack of wind turbine design changes by General Electric.
  • The state wanted 18 MW wind turbines and GE would provide only 15.5 MW turbines. The smaller wind turbines meant more were required which increased costs.
  • By comparison, the cancelled Orsted projects off of New Jersey were 12 MW turbines.


(1’) https://wattsupwiththat.com/2024/04/20/major-setback-for-new-york-renewable-energy-goals/


Solar Power

BPU Authorization of Solar Projects (1)

  • The BPU approved construction of eight projects which contain 300 MW of solar complexes. Last year these projects were considered too expensive, this year they are approved. There is no explanation of changes in the projects to reduce costs.
  • The projects require at least 1000 acres of farm land or approximately 1.5 square miles
  • The BPU also approved eight projects to build 80 MW of storage, a totally incorrect number which reveals the BPU does not understand storage.
  • Storage is measured in power and time. Exp. 80 MW for 2 hours.  The storage capacity is then 40 MW per hour.
  • Costs for the solar complexes and storage are not identified or are the financial incentives for the developers.
  • Transmission lines and grid connection station  costs are not identified and not charged to the solar developers.  These are charged as grid modifications.



(1`) https://www.njspotlightnews.org/2024/04/nj-bpu-approves-new-solar-grid-supply-projects-energy-storage/

Community Solar (1) (2).

  • The state is receiving $156 million to promoted low income solar energy projects. Some of this will be used to promote community solar projects.
  • The community solar plan is an economic plan not a technical plan that reduces air pollution in any neighborhood.
  • Its primary purpose is to supply subsidized electricity to small groups of people who will become strong advocates for additional subsides


(1`) https://www.njspotlightnews.org/2024/04/big-solar-boost-for-low-income-communities-biden-announces-major-grant-funding/

(2`) https://www.njspotlightnews.org/2024/04/big-solar-boost-for-low-income-communities-biden-announces-major-grant-funding/

Nuclear Power

Nuclear Life Extension (1)

  • PSEG informed the state it will seek a second license extension on the three nukes. These are Salem 1&2 and Hope Creek. If granted, the plants will run for 80 years and end operation in 2056, 2060 and 2066. The formal license extension will be filed with the NRC in 2027.
  • Some environmental groups are opposing the extensions.



(1`) https://www.njspotlightnews.org/2024/04/pseg-tells-nrc-it-plans-on-renewing-licenses-for-three-south-jersey-nuclear-plants/



Electric Vehicles (Cars)

EV Registration Increase (1)

  • Data released by the state showed the Energy Master Plan is failing to meet its electric vehicle sales wishes.
  • The plan calls for 330,000 EV`s to be registered by 2025. That has been moved back to the end of 2025. The registrations are currently at 154,000 which requires 88,000 EV’s be registered in each 2024 and 2025. The best year ever for registration was 63,000 with taxpayer subsidies of about $40 million going to the buyers.
  • People are rejecting EV’s for costs, safety, and operational reasons.(2)(3)(4)
  • How will the state increase registrations to the plan wishes without massive subsidy increases, which still may not work?


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Sea Level Rises

Coastal Development Guidelines

  • Thirty one New Jersey environmental organizations demanded Governor Murphy issue environmental guidelines for development along the New Jersey coast. These guidelines were to be issued two years ago. The delay has occurred because of the estimated effect due to sea level rise.
  • The historical measured sea level rise in New Jersey is one foot per century. The coastal land so also sinking at one foot per century which produces a two foot rise in the next century.
  • A Rutgers environmental group which provides advice to the state estimates the rise will be 4-6 feet.(2) (3)(4)
  • The difference imposes significant differences in regulations and estimated costs.



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