NJ Energy Report – December 2023

NJ Energy Report – December 2023

Actions and comments affecting the New Jersey energy supply.


The Monthly Fear Notice

More climate change catastrophe, climate change alleged effect on clams (1)

The clams are shifting away from traditional near-shore habitats, with warming presumed to be the main cause.

  • This article identifies some change in water temperature, currents, and ocean acidity.  Whether these changes are within normal variations is unknown but the climate cult `presumes’ the changes are caused by `climate change’ which is caused by carbon `pollution’.
  • Thus because of a presumption the clam issue MUST  be caused by climate change.  Of course, a few facts show these assertions are just wishful incorrect thinking.

“The oceans are on the front line of climate change,” said Malin Pinsky, a marine biologist at Rutgers University who researches global ocean changes. “They’re warming quickly. They’re also becoming more acidic, and those changes are disrupting almost every aspect of life in the ocean.

  • The oceans are not going acidic they are going slightly less basic.(2)(3)

Pinksy said the unusually rapid warming here is related to changes in large ocean currents, including the Gulf Stream and the Labrador Current, which are constantly shuffling cooler and warmer waters between different depths and regions. “While that’s something scientists would expect from global climate change, it’s not entirely clear if and how this will continue,” he said

  • In other words, we do not know what is going on but we will blame climate change.(4)
  • The solution to these problems is wind turbines and unreliable sometime energy.
  • Perhaps there are some serious problems with the clam industry but presumption and expectations are far from proof and reducing people’s energy use is not  a solution.




NJ Energy Master Plan Overhaul (1)

The Murphy administration is aiming to complete an overhaul of the Energy Master Plan next year, a roadmap expected to detail how the state plans to transition to 100% clean energy in a just over a decade.

  • In ten years, the state proposes to do all the required engineering, specification writing, purchasing, manufacturing, assembly, construction and testing to replace 11,000 MW of gas fired electrical generation.
  • It took five years just to place, order and begin site preparation for 1,000 MW of wind power. And then the order was cancelled.
  • This overhaul will help ensure the plan to replace reliable energy with unreliable energy is written in a  document as close to a as law possible.
  • This plan will be written government bureaucrats, environmental organizations, executive policies and corporate interests.  New jersey residents will have minimal say and the legislators will not vote on approving or disapproving this plan. (2)
  • A revised Master Plan is just another delay in identifying and reviewing renewable energy costs.
  • The BPU has had costs estimates or should have had them for years,  Release them for public review.  To assess the state cost estimates, use the AENJ renewable energy cost report as a starting point for a cost benefit analysis.



  • (1) https://www.njspotlightnews.org/2023/12/bpu-says-overhaul-of-energy-master-plan-scheduled-for-next-year
  • (2) https://wattsupwiththat.com/2023/12/27/we-never-had-a-vote-climate-expert-blasts-biden-admin-for-bypassing-voters-to-impose-green-agenda/


Op-Ed claiming climate catastrophe and demanding and believing New Jersy can have 100% clean electricity by 2035.

  • In the world of op-eds this one stands out.  It has almost no correct facts in it.
  • Two examples

We all want to leave future generations a healthy New Jersey with clean air and safe, healthy communities. But, right now, it’s hard to envision that future. We spent too many days inside during the hottest summer on record avoiding the withering heat and eerie, orange haze from raging wildfires that filled the skies. And we watched as unprecedented rainfall swept away lives and property.

These extreme weather events are being driven by the continued use of fossil fuels, including fossil-fueled power plants, a major source of both greenhouse gas emissions and co-pollutants in New Jersey. These co-pollutants contribute to New Jersey’s notoriously poor air quality, which results in high rates of asthma and premature deaths, particularly in overburdened communities.

  • This is the usual assertion that fossil fuels have no benefits.(2)


Analysis reveals that with a requirement for 100% clean electricity, New Jersey households will pay less in 2035 than they did in 2019 for their electricity supply.

  • As wind and solar increase their grid penetration, electric rates increase dramatically.  That is shown around the world in Denmark, the UK, Germany, and South Australia.  Yet these authors claim electricity prices will decrease.  What do they know that the rest of the world does not?


  • (1) https://www.njspotlightnews.org/2023/12/op-ed-nj-should-lead-speedy-energy-transition/
  • (2) https://alexepstein.substack.com/p/25-holiday-power-facts-about-energy?utm_campaign=email-post&r=z7db2&utm_source=substack&utm_medium=email


Energy Supply

Offshore Wind Turbines

The BPU solicits new bids for offshore wind  (1) (2)

  • Offshore wind has not ended; it has just encountered a delay of about two years.
  • The off shore wind projects will be rebid in the future at an increase cost of 50% and with an inflation clause.
  • The wind industry and the BPU will claim the new renewable cost is cheap by comparing its costs to guesses of cost which will be called the cost of doing nothing. The do nothing costs will always be much higher than the renewable energy cost.
  • Cost is irrelevant to the climate cult. They will just keep moving the reference point so that unreliable energy to always be the cheapest form of energy.


  • (1) https://www.njspotlightnews.org/video/bpu-president-nj-commitment-to-offshore-wind-remains-strong/



Electric Vehicles (Cars)

The legislators must decide whether Electric Vehicles must pay for road use.(1)

  • If EV’s are excluded from road maintenance taxes and everyone drove an EV, then no one would have to pay any road taxes and we could all drive for nothing. Of course, the roads and bridges would crumble but it would be free driving.


  • (1) https://www.njspotlightnews.org/2023/12/renewing-nj-transportation-trust-fund-raises-fee-question-electric-vehicles/


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