NJ Energy Report – March 2023

NJ Energy Report – March 2023

Actions and comments in New Jersey affecting the energy supply.


Catastrophic Predictions- Another flawed IPCC report predicting catastrophe thus you must change your life.

  • `Global warming is driving intense changes in Earth’s climate, but the international community has for decades dragged its feet on reducing the greenhouse gas emissions that are fueling the problem. Now the planet is on track within 10 years to cross a critical threshold that would undercut the global goal of limiting warming to 1.5 degrees Celsius. (1)
  • The climate cult alarmists have been making catastrophic predictions for 50 years.  The have a perfect record of being wrong every time.  This is just another scary wrong guess. (2)


New BPU Commissioners Appointments

`Both Sadovy, who lives in Lambertville, and Abdou told the committee keeping energy costs reliable and affordable would be a top priority. “I think costs are a component of every decision,’’ said Abdou, a Basking Ridge resident.  (3)

  • Are we to be impressed the to be new BPU commissioners claim costs are important. Wow. I guess even lip service to costs is an improvement of the current BPU actions which is totally ignore costs.
  • The BPU has embarked on transitioning to alleged green technology without making any costs estimates.
  • This is similar to buy a house and car but never checking the price tag.
  • The AENJ has estimated renewable energy costs but the BPU ignores the report.


The New Jersey DEP cut down a small forest to provide an improved habitat for wildlife??!!

  • A state project to create new wildlife habitat ended with 21 acres of a mature upland forest cleared, thousands of trees cut down and valuable wetlands damaged at a wildlife preserve, according to conservationists.(4)
  • Didn’t anyone question this action of cutting down a forest to provide a habitat? What did they think was the forest?
  • Once again the narrative ignores reality
  • This fiasco is similar to actions occurring in Germany where forests are cut down to install wind turbines


Energy Supply

Offshore Wind Turbines

More offshore wind contracts and plans

  • The BPU does not know what the wind electricity will cost nor does it know the wind availability.
  • The narrative say wind is good and thus must be expanded.  Any alternative evidence must be ignored. (5)
  • Is construction of the wind complex’s affecting whales? The wind advocates say No thus this assertion must be accepted while reality is ignored.



  • By now almost everyone has heard about the whale deaths off the New Jersey shore and the call for moratorium (6)—(13) on sonar testing of the sea bed for wind turbine anchor points.
  • Congressmen Van Drew and Smith held a public meeting on whale deaths in mid-March and there have been continual calls for a moratorium on wind turbine construction
  • The climate cult along with NOAA and BOEM dismiss all claims the sonar testing is confusing the whales and causing their deaths.(14)
  • The burden of proof is on the groups who claim the sonic testing is the cause of the whale deaths. Correlation does not prove causation.
  • However, off shore wind advocates refuse to address any questions concerning the deaths, asserting the deaths are caused by ships and the questioners are in the payment of the fossil fuel industry. “Folks that are really supporting that false narrative are funded by the fossil fuel industry.” (7)
  • There is some evidence NOAA has been concerned the sonar test, permitted under the harassment requirement, may affect the whales.


Energy Reductions

The 2019 Murphy Energy plan calls for a 2% reduction in energy use and reduction in natural gas use. One method to reduce use is to increase regulations on fossil fuel use which will help restrict supply and increase cost.

  • Several environmental groups demanded more regulations (16) (17) to force reduction in atmospheric carbon dioxide and therefore force people to buy electric vehicles and to decrease the availability of reliable dispatchable and useable electric power.
  • The costs and plans of regulation implementation were not supplied.


Liquified Natural Gas

The proposed liquefied natural gas (LNG) loading facility in Gibbstown was again protested (19)


Natural Gas

The war on natural gas use continues. See Energy reductions.

  •  If natural gas use in the state cannot be eliminated tomorrow, the next best tactic is to prevent any expansion of its use.(20)
  •  Stop Maintenance (21) and eventually the gas use becomes dangerous due to deteriorating pipes.
  • The anti-gas advocates continually ignore explaining how sometime wind and solar electricity will replace the heating capacity of gas



Electric Vehicles (Cars – Heavy Trucks)

The 2019 Murphy Energy plans calls for 330,000 EV on New Jersey roads by 2025.  Despite subsides, there are only about 90,000 currently registered.

  • Environmentalists demand Murphy adopt a California program that would force people to purchase electric vehicles. (22)
  • When you cannot convince people to buy an electric vehicle, bribe them with subsides. (22) (23)
  • When subsidies fail forbid the sale of gas cars they want. (22)


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