NJ Energy Report – September 2023

NJ Energy Report – September 2023

Actions and comments in New Jersey affecting the energy supply. Information from njspotight and other sources.


The New Jersey Department of Environmental Protection (NJDEP) was busy this month issuing a study, a report, and urging executive action on various aspects of the New Jersey Energy Plan. These actions were to support the myth that replacing thermal heat (fossil fuels) with electricity, in a few years, is easy, quick, cheap and will not affect the standard or style of living of anyone.

The Monthly Fear Notice

  • There was a heat wave which shortened several school days.
  • Has this ever happened before? Could this be a weather effect?
  • Of course not. In the 70 years, two climate data points in time, carbon dioxide has gone from low historical levels to slightly less low levels, thus causing heat waves for centuries.  This is the logic of climate change.

BPU President Replacement

  • The BPU president passed away at 78. His replacement is a climate activist with no technical experience.
  • Should we expect totally objective technical decisions from his successor?

NJEP Energy Goals

  • The NJ DEP issued a strategic energy plan to implement the New Jersey Energy Plan. It is interesting the DEP `independently’ came to the same conclusions as the NJEP.
  • The DEP advocates implementing a virtually complete electric society by 2050.
  • The two principal actions are restricting the sale of ICE cars by 2035 and forcing households to replace gas heat with heat pumps.
  • Freedom to make decisions and cost are completely ignored as are the problems Britain and Germany are having trying to implement similar plans.

School Guidance on Climate Change

  • The NJ DEP will provide guidance to the schools on teaching climate change.
  • Will any disagreement with the carbon dioxide is causing catastrophic climate change be taught?
  • Will children be terrorized early and frequently?

Climate Change Importance

  • The DEP commissioner claims climate change is too urgent to slowdown green energy implementation.
  • However, the DEP is just providing guidance and methods to stop climate change. The methods include subsidies.
  • Any disagreement with the facts or policy is ignored.

Energy Supply

Offshore Wind Turbines

Wind Turbine Opposition

  • The battle for offshore wind is receiving pushback. Cost and whale deaths are the primary reasons.
  • Protestors in Ocean City are being arrested.
  • The legislative Democrats gave Orsted a billion dollars in tax credits and now complain about the Republicans complaining about the giveaway.
  • Republicans in the state senate called for a pause in wind turbine construction to investigate whale deaths. The Democrats refuse.
  • Any criticism or even questions about offshore wind is not permitted by the Democrats and the Conservation Groups;


  • The shipment of rail delivering Liquefied Natural Gas through Gibbstown appears to be dead for the foreseeable future.
  • A federal agency banned the delivery of LNG by rail until 2025.
  • This decision was applauded by environmental groups who believed there are significant safety issues and because they want to stop the use of natural gas everywhere.
  • Since no delivery plan was ever developed, it was impossible to determine if the plan was safe or unsafe. Preventing the use of natural gas, whether safe or not, is an anti-energy ideological position.

Natural Gas


  • The NJ BPU issued a report on building hydrogen hubs to build fuel cells for generating electricity using hydrogen. The hubs would tap into federal money.
  • Is this economically feasible, who knows? this is merely an idea with many unresolved technical issues including building a hydrogen pipeline industry in the state which the environmentalists will never support.
  • In the future some hydrogen generated electricity may be economically feasible. Right now, this proposal is nothing more than a diversion from expanding natural gas pipelines.


Electric Vehicles (Cars) – Banning ICE Cars

  • The NJDEP wants to forbid NJ residents from purchasing gas powered cars starting in 2035 by implementing an executive decision without a vote by the legislators. The executive order is similar to one in California and will effectively turn all car decisions over to California.
  • There is some business opposition to their demand


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