NJ Gun Law, School Boards, Wind Worries

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Listen to Seth Grossman. WPG Radio. Talk with a Purpose. From June 24, 2023.

Example: Hunter Biden. Manco Pizza. Mike Matthews. Gene Dorn.

Gun laws in New Jersey. Hunter gets slap on the wrist; false application for gun permit.

PTI, pre trial intervention in New Jersey.

Not covered in the media. Barely a blip in the Press of AC: Four young men shot to death last week. Due to ethnicity? Blame everything on the phony premise of white supremacy.

Pay attention to the public school boards. Want to run? Filing deadline is July 31.

Thousand of wind turbines. Just off the coast. Industrialization of our seashore. NJ is the first major wind project. Between LBI and Wildwood.

Killing whales. Destruction of sea bed. Wind turbines do not work. Batteries not capable. Undersea cables.

Wind companies want more money and guaranteed rate increases.

Jeff Van Drew & Michael Testa taking lead against Murphy’s wind scheme.

  • From AC Boardwalk Hall, you’ll see 876 wind turbines.
  • From Brigantine, you’ll see 722 wind turbines.
  • From Margate, you’ll see 568 wind turbines.

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