NJ Gun Laws, Unlimited Immigration Drives Down Wages

Seth Grossman was the guest on Talk with a Purpose, WPG radio show with John Demasi. June 4, 2022.

Topics discussed:

Jewish Pentecost. 50 years. Rules to follow in order to enjoy freedom. Separation of church and state.

Must be ramifications for bad behavior. As long as you don’t get cost.

15 most recent mass shootings. Criminals can always get guns. Guns allow citizens to protect their families. Gun laws in NJ leave innocents vulnerable.

Whoopi Goldberg suggests every problem comes from those who are not Democrat. Own a AR-15? Go to jail. Get rid of Republicans, says Whoopi.

1920 Unions. Cost of hiring got expensive. Too many immigrants drive down wages. Local 54 President, Bob McDevitt.

Green Energy. Solar panels & wind turbines are useless. Collapse of power grid.

Unfair Casino Pilot. Press of Atlantic City calls out the casinos.

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