NJ Trial Lawyers ditch “merit” and “equal and unalienable rights”. Embrace tribal culture of “diversity”.

NJ Trial Lawyers Association (now re-named NJ Association for Justice) is “requesting”?all members t2015-1120-njaj-paulette-browno “voluntarily” report their racial and ethnic characteristics?so it can comply with its “diversity policy”.??Its?November, 2015 newsletter states,??It is the policy of NJAJ to affirmatively seek and encourage the participation of minorities and women in all educational programs.?? To that end, no program may be approved unless at least one woman and one minority is included among the recommended faculty, except for good cause.?? Minorities are defined as Black (African-American), Asian, Native Hawaiian or Pacific Islander, American Indian or Alaskan Native, Hispanic, Female, LGBT and Disabled. . . All NJAJ members are asked to voluntarily fill out the Diversity form on the NJAJ website. . . ?

Paulette Brown, the newly elected President of the American Bar Association was the featured speaker at the Friday luncheon.??? She stressed the importance of?being the first African-American to lead the American Bar Association,?and of advancing a “diversity” agenda to determine who is hired and promoted in the profession.??? Ironically, she also described supporters candidates for President who wanted to enforce U.S. immigration laws and limit legal immigration as “ignorant”.

The NJAC offers quality seminars for lawyers to improve their skills, learn new developments in the law, and take the 12 hours of instruction per year required by law to maintain their licenses.? As a result,?many lawyers who disagree with these goals paid the organization $395 yearly membership dues and $450 to attend the two day seminar.???? For years, New Zealand’s Trevor Loudon described how the left perfected the technique of joining and taking control of?established and influential mainstream institutions and organizations to advance their “progressive”/left agendas.???Details?at his www.trevorloudon.com website.

2015-1120-njaj-pac-michael-galpernAt its November 20, 2015 ?conference at the East Rutherford Hilton, the chairman of the NJAC PAC (Political Action Committee) spoke at every seminar to seek political campaign contributions.?? He bragged that the PAC?unseated four incumbent Republican Assemblymen by backing four ?pro-justice?? and ?pro-consumer? Democrats in this year?s elections.??? Posted by Seth Grossman.?? Please ?like? our Liberty and Prosperity Facebook Page for more frequent updates.? (Photo lower right)


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