Instead of breakfast at Shore Diner, lets talk to our own kids and grandkids about liberty over Thanksgiving weekend.

Let?s share our personal memories while we still can.? Let?s tell them of how?our parents and grandparents often told us how thankful they were to live here? in America.? Tell them that the real America of our parents and grandparents was nothing like the lies about our country taught to our kids every day in our public schools, colleges, Hollywood movies and TV ?news?.

We can admit that America was never perfect.? But we are proud that Americans were quicker to fix injustice quicker than any other country in history when we found out about it.? Like when nearly 300,000 white Americans fought and died in a Civil War so that black Americans could be free.

Let?s tell them that when New Jersey had no sales tax or income tax, and when property and business taxes were a fraction of what they are now, one working parent could comfortably support most families.?? That we baby-boomers never worried about student loans because we could pay for one year of college with one summer of work on the Boardwalk.??? And that some of the most successful people in town didn?t have to go to college, because four years of high school back then gave most students more knowledge and useful skills then, than five years of college teach today.

And it might not be a bad idea to tell our kids how the Pilgrims almost died of starvation when they experimented with socialism, but thanked God for their abundant harvest when they recognized private property.?? Read John Stossel?s column at:?

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