No Sirens To Warn. No Boats For Escape From Maui Fires. Why? Hawaii Has Been ‘Woke’ Since 1954!

As flames rush towards the homes of sleeping residents, no sirens warn them of the danger. When some lucky residents jump into the ocean to escape the flames, there are no boats to dry and warm them and take them to safety.  Why?  Who was responsible?

Last month, we posted an essay by Michael Anton entitled The Pessimistic Case for the Future.  Click here for link:  Michael Anton: Pessimistic Case For Future? Or Roadmap To Change Course? – Liberty and Prosperity

In it he described 27 specific ways America has been in steady decline since 1965.  The included the following three factors:

5.  We are so blinded by political agendas, that we can’t or won’t apply obvious solutions to simple problems.

6. We prioritize “diversity” over mission and performance.

8. Nothing works anymore.

As of August 27, 2023, 114 people are known to have died in the Maui fires. Roughly 288 more, including many children, appear to be missing.

At first Democrats tried to blame “climate change”.  However, even they admit that this is not what caused the deadly fires. Instead, these seem to be the key factors:

  1. As with the fires in Canada, arson or human carelessness is strongly suspected for some fires.
  2. “Climate change” did not cause unusually dry conditions. This is the dry season, and Maui is usually dry this time of year.  Maui was much dryer last year.
  3. The high winds that fueled the flames are also common at this time of year from normal trade winds and normal tropical storms.
  4. Non-native grasses introduced to the area are highly flammable.
  5. A top utility official delayed the release of water to fight the flames because of concerns for “water equity”.

The main cause of the large number of deaths is that government officials gave no warning of the danger.  Why?  Maui was equipped with a large outdoor siren warning system to warn against volcanos, fires, and tsunami tidal waves.  However, none of them were activated to warn of these fires.

According to a CNN report on August 13, Lahaina resident Cole Millington said, “There wasn’t really an evacuation notice for us. The real warning came from “the huge plume of black smoke” in the sky over Lahaina.

Millington, who owns a hot sauce company in the historic town said “We have tsunami warnings tht I think should have been utilized. . . So many of us. . . felt like we had absolutely no warning.”.

During the late 1940s, leading Communist organizers from Chicago and other cities on the Mainland came to Hawaii where they organized strikes, riots, and political organizations.  They included Frank Marshall Davis, a close friend of Barack Obama’s mother and grandparents. They also included Vernon Jarett, Valerie Jarrett’s father-in-law. By 1954, they were in complete control of most labor unions in Hawaii and the Democratic Party there.  They have dominated state and local politics in Hawaii ever since.  Did their use of “political correctness” rather than talent, competence and achievement in hiring and promoting the officials who regulated the high voltage electric wires, water supplies, evacuation and warning systems cause this disaster?

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