“I am not a climate change denier.” Lt. Gov. Kim Guadagno at Stockton University debate.

Most sixth graders know that earth?s climate has been changing for billions of years.?? They learned about the Ice Age and its woolly mammoths.?? Nobody denies that giant ice sheets once covered most of New Jersey and left the sand on our beaches when global warming melted them 10,000 years ago.?? Anyone who picks up a lump of coal from Pennsylvania can see the outlines of the tropical plants that once grew there.

Scientists still don?t know what caused the earth to get warmer and colder back then–or now.??? However, Kim Guadagno, supported the big lie of Obama/Clinton Democrats.? She implied that anyone who does not agree that “climate change” is caused by “selfish” Americans today is like someone who denies the Holocaust.

George W. Bush did something similar years ago.?? Bush called himself a ?compassionate conservative?.? ?By doing that, Bush supported another big lie of Obama/Clinton Democrats. ? Their lie that conservatives are not compassionate.

Later? in that debate on May 9, Guadagno also suggested that Hurricane Sandy was caused by climate change.?? Everyone who grew up in shore towns like Atlantic City knew that Sandy was no worse than the storms of 1938, 1944, or 1962.?? Sandy caused massive flooding only because it stalled off the coast for days, took a rare ?left hook? that magnified the force of its winds, and hit land and shifted wind direction precisely during an already super-high tide caused by a full moon.

Democrats are proposing all sorts of direct and hidden taxes for programs which they falsely claim would stop climate change–and storms like Sandy.?? Their programs and taxes would double and triple gas and electric bills, shut down businesses, and kill jobs.

At the May 9 debate at Stockton, Kim Guadagno supported these programs.?? She specifically supported the RGGI, the ?Regional Greenhouse Gas Initiative?.?? This would add even more taxes to New Jersey?s already high direct and hidden taxes on gas and electricity.

These high taxes explain why many of our friends in Florida have lower electric bills, even though they run their air conditioners 10 months a year.

At that same May 9 debate, Guadagno?s opponent, Jack Ciattarelli said we should be on the ?cutting edge? and not the ?bleeding edge? of green energy technology.?? Ciattarelli said he only supports ?green energy? projects that pay for themselves,? cut costs, and bring down prices for gas and electricity.? Unfortunately, that technology does not yet exist.?? Solar energy stops when a cloud goes by-and at night!?? Wind energy stops when the wind stops blowing–often on the hottest summer days when electricity is needed the most.?? Because there is no way to store ?green? energy, back-up generators must constantly burn gas and oil even when not needed, so electricity can instantly be supplied when ?green? energy stops.

New Jersey’s Primary Elections on on Tuesday, June 6.?? All registered voters are qualified to vote, even if they are not members of any political club.?? Voters who previously voted in a Republican Primary must vote in the Republican Primary on June 6.? Voters who previously voted in a Democratic Primary must vote in the Democratic Primary this year.?? Any “independent” voter who has not yet voted in any Primary Election can choose to vote in either the Republican Primary or Democratic Primary at the polling place on Election Day.?? Any voter can switch his or her party affiliation at any time simply by making a written request 54 days before the next primary election.??? Seth Grossman, Executive Director.

(Photo of debate on right and on Home Page by Philly.com)

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