November 3 Election: Is there ANY South Jersey Assembly candidate a conservative can vote for?

Election Day is November 3–three weeks away. ?All 80 Assembly members of the NJ Legislature are running for two year terms.?? As with the U.S. House of Representatives, all borrowing, tax, and spending laws must originate in the Assembly.

Are ANY South Jersey candidates for Assembly worth voting for????? If not, are ANY qualified conservatives willing to be serious?candidates in June primary elections next year???? Are ANY conservatives willing to give time and money to conservative candidates running in June primary elections?2015-nj-legislative-districts-south

Join us for breakfast any Saturday at 9:30 am? at Shore Diner and let?s talk about it. ? Shore Diner: ?6710 Tilton Road (corner of Fire Road) ?by Parkway Exit 36 in front of Days Inn.?? Egg Harbor Township/Northfield, NJ.

The nine issues most important to us are posted on our home page? ?Do you know ANY candidates for Assembly who support ANY of these important issues??? If so, please let us know so NJ conservatives can support them.

Right now, Democrats hold 48 (60%) of those seats, while Republicans hold 32 (40%).?? When Republican Governor Christie was re-elected by a landslide in 2013, Republicans did not pick up a single additional seat in the Assembly.

Even though individual Democrats in conservative areas like Bob Andrzejcak support certain conservative issues like 2d Amendment rights, when they caucus as Democrats, they elect ?progressive? Democrats like Vincent Prieto (Speaker of Assembly) and Lou Greenwald (Assembly Majority Leader) as their leaders. ? ?Democrats used their majority to set up a dictatorial system that does not allow ANY legislation to be voted on without the approval of those leaders.??? Any legislator who refuses to vote with his/her party leaders gets blackballed and is unable to get any legislation passed. ?Republicans did the same thing when they had majority. ? Jon Brannick is the Minority Leader of Assembly Republicans, but the minority has no power in the Assembly–other than to ask Republican Governor Christie to veto legislation Assembly Republicans don’t like.

(Image on right is Democratic Assembly Speaker Vincent Prieto of Secaucus.)

The Assembly is similar to the House of Representatives in the Federal government.?? All laws to tax, spend, or borrow money must originate in the Assembly.?? Assembly members receive salaries of $49,000 per year.

List of Assembly Candidates running in Atlantic, Cape May, and Cumberland Counties where most of our members live: ?

Legislative District #1:?? (All of Cape May County, and Cumberland County except for Bridgeton, Deerfield, Greenwich, and Upper Deerfield.)?? Its two current Assembly members are Republican Sam Fiocchi? and Democrat Bob Andrzejcak.?? Democrat Bruce Land and Republican Jim Sauro are each running to pick up a seat for his party.

Legislative District #2:? (Atlantic County, except for Galloway, Port Republic, and Hammonton)? Its two current Assembly members are Republican Chris Brown and Democrat Vince Mazzeo.??? Republican Will Pauls and Democrat Colin Bell are each running to pick up a seat for his party)

Legislative District #8:? (Hammonton in Atlantic County and parts of Camden and Burlington Counties).?? Its two current Assembly members are? Republicans Chris Brown (a different Chris Brown) and Maria Rodriguez-Gregg.?? Chris Brown is not running for re-election and Republican Joe Howarth is running for his seat.?? It appears that Democrats are letting these two candidates run unopposed.

Legislative District #9:? (Galloway and Port Republic in Atlantic County and parts of Burlington and Ocean Counties)?? Its two current Assembly members are Republicans Brian Rumpf and Dianne Gove.??? They are challenged by Democratic candidates Fran Zimmer and John Bingham.

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