Now is perfect time to attack Sierra Club “watermelons” (environment green on outside, Communist red on inside)!

They went too far in opposing natural gas line to South Jersey power plant at Galloway Township last Tuesday.?? They attack global warming when everyone is freezing.?? They opposed nuclear, then oil, then coal, and now natural gas!? The leave us nothing but?wind that doesn?t blow on hottest summer days and solar which only works 3 hours a day on sunny days in summer.?? It is now easy to explain they are dupes for those who want?to destroy America?not save the environment.?? They say they friends of ??working families?, but they are killing a project and a power plant with good union jobs.? ??They say?burying 10 miles of? 24 inch pipe and?replanting all trees and shrubs re-planted will ruin our water supply?when this would have no lasting effect on a?backyard, let alone 1.1 million acres of Pineland Preserve!? They say ?green? energy is chief and abundant but they create a dishonest system of subsidies to keep people from finding out that NJ pays double what most states pay for electricity because of wind turbines and solar panels.???The Sierra Club and the ?usual suspects? including Obama?s ?Organizing For America? packed the Pinelands Hearing and got good press.?? But now that that lots of people are aware of the issues, this is the perfect time to whack them!??? Seth Grossman, Executive Director

  • Seth Grossman

    Seth Grossman is executive director of Liberty And Prosperity, which he co-founded in 2003. It promotes American liberty and limited constitutional government through weekly radio and in-person discussions, its website, email newsletters and various events. Seth Grossman is also a general practice lawyer.

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