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?Barack Obama, Sr., became an important figure in the independence movement of the African nation of Kenya, but his greatest influence was not in Kenya. . . He was able to transmit his ideology to his son now living in America who is today the president of the United States.?
? Dinesh D?Souza, The Roots of Obama?s Rage, (2010)

I was in Europe last week, and only read the two books I brought with me. One was D?Souza?s book on Obama. The other was ?Roots of Wisdom,? by Helen Buss Mitchell, a philosophy textbook given to me by a local college student who objected to its biased, left-wing, anti-American political message.

D’Souza?s book on Obama describes the academic and political career of the president?s father before his death in 1968. It then explains in detail how his son, President Barack Obama, Jr., came to embrace his father?s agenda.

During his entire adult political life, Obama?s father espoused a doctrine called anti-colonialism. This doctrine was first published by communist leader Vladimir Lenin in 1916, before he seized power in Russia.

Until Lenin came along, communists like Karl Marx predicted since 1848 that the most advanced capitalist countries like the United States, England and France would soon collapse. The communists said that as corporations and factories got bigger, more and more people would leave their small farms and shops to work for them. As a result, the masses of workers (proletarians) would earn less money and become poor, while a few ?bourgeoisie? who exploited (i.e. employed) them would become super rich.

Within a short time, communists predicted that workers in the United States, England, and France would become so poor and desperate that they would form organizations to overthrow the government and seize all the factories and the wealth of their owners for themselves.

Of course, the opposite happened. Factories and farms in the United States, England, and France became more efficient, and each worker produced far more than ever before. This made each worker more valuable and increased wages.

At the same time food, clothing, transportation, etc. became more affordable because it was produced more cheaply. Liberty created prosperity and capitalist countries became stronger and wealthier than ever.

But the communist leader Lenin gave a different explanation. Lenin said that workers in the advanced capitalist countries of the United States, England, and France became prosperous only because we were ?imperialists.? Lenin said Britain, France, and other European countries robbed the wealth of their colonies in Asia and Africa. Lenin said that we in the United States got our wealth by enslaving blacks in the South, stealing land from the Native Americans and taking Texas, California, Nevada, etc. away from Mexico.

This anti-colonialism doctrine became very popular with the educated elites of Asia and Africa during the 1950s and 1960s. It explained why their countries were so poor and what they had to do to become as prosperous as Europeans and Americans.

When Obama?s father and other anti-colonialists finally took control of their poor Asian and African countries, they decided to fix things by taking back all the wealth that had been stolen from them. They seized the farms and businesses of Europeans who lived there, and heavily taxed and controlled European and American businesses. They also demanded and got billions of dollars in aid and loans from European and American governments that never got paid back.

According to D?Souza, this is how President Barak Obama looks at the world today. If people are poor, they are entitled to a share of the wealth that was taken from them by those ?lucky? enough to be rich.

This is also the conclusion of ?Roots of Wisdom,? the philosophy textbook used at a local college. The book ignores, misrepresents or criticizes basic Judeo-Christian values, and American ideas of political and economic freedom. Instead it quotes and praises anti-colonialist leaders who lament the fact that Americans are so wealthy, while the rest of the world is poor. It urges new ?restorative justice? to help ?victims? of past injustice ? not equal justice for all.

Ironically while the anti-colonialist doctrine is popular in America today, it?s discredited and rejected in most Asian and African countries. Students in China, India, South Korea, Indonesia, Iraq, and Vietnam today are taught math, science, and English ? not diversity. They also learn the importance of free markets, low taxes, and impartial courts to protect rights and enforce contracts.

As our rich country becomes poor, those poor countries are getting rich.

(Reprinted from July 13, 2011 Current-Gazette Newspapers of Atlantic and Cape May Counties, http://www.shorenewstoday.com/snt/news/index.php/politics/13658-obama-and-the-anti-colonialist-doctrine.html

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