MSNBC announced that 20 Republican “scabs” were ready to break OUR strike and bust OUR union. Are 3 of them from NJ?

Yesterday, “Morning Joe” of MSNBC, ?the Democratic Party public relations ?television network reported that 20 Republican House members were ready to leave the 232 member Republican majority in the House of Representatives, and vote with the 200 Democratic House members. ? ?(And that not one Democrat was willing to vote with the Republicans). ? That would allow Democrats to fully fund Obamacare, and increase the debt ceiling, without offering any spending cuts in return.

But who are they? ? Three days earlier Frank?LoBiondo, Jon Runyon, and Leonard Lance each made public and private statements indicating they may try to make a side deal with Democrats to fund Obamacare and increase the debt. ? ?Several days later, these same three NJ House members also announced that they were working with Democrats to delay proposed increases in the cost of Federal flood insurance at the Jersey shore.

Call them today! ?But the best way to get their attention may be to reach out to everyone you know, and talk to them about the special U.S. Senate election on October 16, one week from this Wednesday.

We ?know Obamacare is designed to crash the economy give the ?progressive? left permanent economic and political control.

We know that raising the debt ceiling without big spending cuts will do the same thing.? A federal government of for 100 million families that spends $3.5 trillion, while taking in $2.5 trillion, is like one family that spends $35,000 per year, while earning only $25,000.??? A federal government with a $17 trillion debt, is like that same family trying to pay off? $170,000 in credit card debt, with a $25,000.

Obama and the ?progressive? TV networks say it is??reasonable??to raise the credit limit and borrow even more.

But as a lawyer who does bankruptcies for families and businesses?every week, I know the only solution for them and for government is to?cut spending, live within our means, and cut down the debt.

The U.S. Constitution specifically gives the House of Representatives the power to cut spending and fix the problem.? There are now?232 Republicans and 200 Democrats in the House.???? For the first time?in 18 years, Republicans are using their majority to demand cuts in spending.

?Morning Joe? on MSNBC?today reported that?all 200 Democrats will vote 100% for whatever spending and borrowing Obama, Nancy Pelosi, and Harry Reid want.

But MSNBC said 20 Republicans are ready to ?scab? and vote with the Democrats.???Three??Republicans are from NJ, Frank LoBiondo, Jon Runyon, and Leonard Lance have said privately and publicly that they are ready to ?scab? to break our strike for liberty, and bust our conservative union.

Now is a good time to call them.?? But a Lonegan upset in the election one week from Wednesday would really get their attention.?? Seth Grossman

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