Obamacare to Limit Doctor and Hospital Options


Californians are one day away from the opening of the new healthcare marketplace, but new reports could spell troubling signs for those that are looking for quality plans at a cheap price.

The Los Angeles Times?reports?that health insurance companies are controlling the costs of plans being offered as part of President Obama?s Affordable Care Act by limiting the number of doctors and hospitals available to potential patients.


A lack of options for patients to choose from will likely mean longer wait times in order to be seen, fewer specialists and a possible loss of a longtime family doctor.

The Federal Government is making healthcare “cheaper” (costing less) by making it cheaper (lacking quality). ?Urge your Congressman to stay resolute and refuse to fund Obamacare.

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4 thoughts on “Obamacare to Limit Doctor and Hospital Options”

  1. There are innovative ways that doctors and patients can survive in this environment. More and more physicians are opting out of all insurance plans and charging $50/month for unlimited visits, phone calls, e-mails, Facebook and any other means of communicating. This will eliminate all middlemen, including the government, and the goal will be keeping as healthy as possible. All medical records can be private and the patient-physician relationship can remain pure and simple.

  2. Alieta, that sounds great!
    The only problem with that is big expenses. Is the office big enough to have a lab and medical imaging too? What happens if I need a specialist? What if I get my leg bitten by a shark while surfing?

    These are the only reasons I have medical insurance; Sharks and Motorcycles.

  3. My family’s health plan, Horizon BCBS just sent us their letter saying they could no longer offer us the same coverage for the same price. Obama lied. The Heritage Foundation reported that married persons will be penalized with higher premiums and less benefit–divorced and/or cohabitate would be financially better. Obama wants to destroy our morals & what’s left of our virtuous nation. and just as a special note from me, I think the ending line from the Statue of Liberty was left off. It should read: “…For together we will work hard, respect each other, and become the greatest nation now and forever more”. First & foremost we must return to our Godly virtues ,before it’s too late) o must g! O. MUST GO! O MUST GO!

  4. First off; Insurance companies being dick-wads and doing everything they can to keep their overhead low is not the fault of The Affordable Care Act. Where as the current administration is genuinely concerned with the health of the nation, insurance companies don’t give a damn as long as they are getting paid. It seems backwards to blame this move made by insurance companies on “Obamacare.”

    As for keeping youth policy- yeah, he lied and that sucks. My advise: don’t trust you insurance company’s recommendations, you can find better policies for cheaper. YOUR INSURANCE COMPANY IS ONLY INTERESTED IN MAKING MONEY!!!

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