Obama’s 3rd Term, Callaway Gets National Attention

Listen to Seth Grossman’s appearance on WPG radio, ‘Talk with a Purpose; with John Demasi from Feb 10, 2024.

Are Democrats done with Biden? The dangers of attacking Biden.

Who’s running things? Biden is Obama’s 3rd term.

The border. Who decided that 8 million illegals can come in and get benefits?

Don’t miss Craig Callaway as keynote speaker at the Liberty and Prosperity fundraiser on Feb 17 at Josie Kelly’s in Somers Point.

National exposure. Fox’s Jesse Waters and Elon Musk mentioned Callaway too.

Craig Callaway. Why a national story? Mail in ballots. Ballot harvesting. Both sides dumping on Callaway.

Callaway didn’t invent this system.

We need to get back to one voting day. Current system features undue influence. Better to have live, in-person voting.

Opening immigration floodgates.

Why is voter turnout just 20%? Low or no information voters.

Seth to speak at the upcoming Faith and Freedom Coalition event. Tuesday.

We need mass deportations of anyone entering country illegally.

February is Black History month. Example: Haiti.

Yuri Besmenov video. Tucker Carlson interview with Russian President, Vladimir Putin.

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