Of the health care ruling, and U.S. history

By Seth Grossman, Political Columnist

?The American form of government is a three-horse team provided by the Constitution to the American people so that their field might be plowed. The three horses are, of course, the three branches of government ? the Congress, the executive and the courts. Two of the horses are pulling in unison today; the third is not. . . The American people. . . expect the third horse to pull in unison with the other two.

? President Franklin D. Roosevelt (Democrat)


Roosevelt said this in his ninth fireside chat radio address on March 9, 1937. It was right after his landslide victory in the 1936 election where he won 61 percent of the popular vote and every state except Maine and Vermont. Democrats and ?progressives? also won lopsided majorities in both houses of Congress.?They took 76 seats in the Senate compared to 16 for Republicans and a 347 to 88 majority in the House.
Those are the only words that can explain why five of the nine members of the U.S. Supreme Court ruled?that the U.S. Constitution permits the federal government to force every American to either buy an ?acceptable? health insurance policy, or pay a $695 penalty to the IRS (plus a whole lot of hidden sales taxes).
Most Americans at that time rejected Roosevelt?s radical plan to ?pack? the Supreme Court with progressive Democrats all at once?in 1937. But since Roosevelt stayed in office for eight more years, he packed the court anyway.
In March 1937, Democratic President Franklin Roosevelt, and his progressives now felt strong enough to finish the job of ?transforming? America that had begun with progressive Democrat President Woodrow Wilson from 1913 to 1921.
During those eight years, progressives created the new federal income tax, and hired an army of IRS agents to enforce it. Then they made the entire liquor and tavern industry illegal, and hired even more federal agents.
They created the Federal Reserve Bank and gave it the power to print money with nothing to back it up ? and to manipulate the money supply and the?economy for political purposes.?They got us into World War I, and then used emergency war powers to take over all railroads and shipping lines, and control other large industries.
Many of Woodrow Wilson?s progressives, including Wilson himself,?were also rabid racists who resented the great progress made by blacks after the Civil War. As a professor at Princeton, Wilson wrote a book that inspired 1915 movie, ?Birth of a Nation,? that slandered every black American, glorified the Ku Klux Klan and segregation, and destroyed much of the nation?s racial progress.
Not all ?progressives? were Democrats. Some, like Theodore Roosevelt?and Herbert Hoover were Republicans.
When World War I ended, these progressives predicted?that the American economy would collapse as millions of demobilized soldiers would not find enough jobs.?Wilson?s Democrats proposed massive?tax hikes and federal programs to ?fix? this expected disaster.
In 1920,?many progressive Democrats, especially professors in our leading colleges, publicly admired and glorified communists like Lenin in Russia and fascists like Mussolini in Italy who used unlimited government power to fix every problem.
But Americans overwhelmingly rejected these progressive Democrats in the November elections of 1920. Warren Harding and Calvin Coolidge won in a landslide as president and vice president, and Republicans took control of the U.S. Senate and House of Representatives when they campaigned for ?a return to normalcy? and traditional constitutional government.
What followed was eight years of the greatest economic growth and increase of wealth for more people in human history.
Republicans also limited immigration to America for the first time, which caused wages for unskilled workers to increase ? especially for black Americans.?High-quality American cars, food, clothes, and even houses were mass produced, marketed, and made affordable for almost every family.?Radio, movies, record players and public libraries (paid for by wealthy individuals like Andrew Carnegie) gave every American access to quality culture and entertainment.
Instead of admitting that they and their doom and gloom predictions for America were completely wrong, progressive Democrats saw the Republican election wins of 1920 as proof that most Americans (unlike ?enlightened? Europeans) were too stupid to know what was best for them. So for the last 90 years, they did everything they could to rewrite our history, and indoctrinate our kids.
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(Reprinted from July 4, 2012 Current-Gazette Newspapers in Atlantic and Cape May Counties, http://www.shorenewstoday.com/snt/news/index.php/politics/26920-of-the-health-care-ruling-and-us-history.html)

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