Offshore Wind Subsidies

Unlimited Offshore Wind Subsidies

 The state Senate Environment and Energy Committee is expected Monday to consider a new version of a clean-electricity standard in what is sure to be a contentious debate. The bill (S-2978) essentially would codify an executive order from Gov. Phil Murphy earlier this year to require the transition to emission-free power in just over a decade.

But the legislation does not project what the cost will be to ratepayers — the focus of persistent criticisms of the entire program.

  • Wind energy is suppose to be cheap because the wind is free. However, the recent Orsted Ocean Winds cancelations and the cost problems in New England and New York reveal wind equipment is very expensive and consequently so is the electricity it produces.
  • State bill S-2978 attempts to eliminate cost as a factor in making energy supply selection. This means unlimited costs to meet an environmental edict which produces unaffordable energy is acceptable to the state Senate.
  • Whatever the price the wind developers set for offshore wind the state residents must pay.
  • This bill is a blank check of unlimited subsidies to the wind and solar industries
  • This bill must be defeated.


Law would bolster NJ commitment to clean-energy goals


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