ORSTED Wind Payments to Stockton

For years, we urged students and professors at Stockton University to do independent research to see if the five wind turbines in Atlantic City really save money and fossil fuel. They never did.

Now we know that Orsted, the corporation getting billions to build that will get billions to build more wind turbines in the ocean has been paying money to Stockton for the past three years.

Stockton says this money is for research, academic programs, and events. But is it really a bribe?

Stockton is not alone. Last month, the Save-the-Whales Coalition reported that ocean wind companies like Orsted also paid four point three million dollars to thirty-six environmental watchdog groups during the past few years.

Is this hush money keeping us from learning the truth about wind and solar projects?

Let’s talk about it over breakfast nine-thirty any Saturday morning.

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