Our Social Media “Engagement” Is Pathetic. Please Use “Share” Buttons Below Each Post To Change That.

Please visit our LibertyAndProsperity.com website once or twice a week when you are surfing on your laptop or smart phone. When you see a post or article you like, or hear a podcast you like, simply click the Twitter, Facebook or LinkedIn icon at the bottom to share it with your friends and followers.

Please also “like”, “share” or post comments to our posts on Facebook or Twitter.  Please also do that for posts by members of our group.

Right now, only a handful of people are doing this.  If you and just a few dozen others do this even once a week, we can reach thousands of new people without paying a dollar more.

Then let’s talk about it over breakfast. We’re at Sal’s Café at New Road and Groveland Avenue in Somers Point every Saturday morning at nine-thirty.  Details at Liberty and Prosperity dot com. Thanks.

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