Please demand amnesty! For 25 conservatives who voted against Boehner!

The Washington Examiner recently reported that Republican House Speaker John Boehner is under intense public pressure against his election as speaker and his revenge against Congressmen Daniel Webster and Rich Nugent, who have been removed from the Rules Committee as a result of their opposition to Boehner’s leadership.

It is rumored that NJ Congressman Scott Garrett could also be removed as chairman of a House Financial Services committee. Garrett is the only NJ Congressman who voted against Boehner on Tuesday.

It is great news to see that voters are standing up and speaking out, and that it seems to be having an effect. The Examiner indicates that Boehner may be rethinking his recent actions to penalize opponents.

Here’s what you can do TODAY to keep up that pressure. The worst thing that could happen would be for the voters to think their calls have had the desired effect and back off.

1. Call your Congressman’s office to express your opinion. If your representative is a Democrat, the message should be that the voters have spoken and want a change of direction in DC, and that you expect your voice to be respected by your Congressman.

District Name Party Room Phone

1 Norcross, Donald D 202-225-6501

2 LoBiondo, Frank R 202-225-6572

3 MacArthur, Tom R 202-225-4765

4 Smith, Chris R 202-225-3765

5 Garrett, Scott R 202-225-4465

6 Pallone Jr., Frank D 202-225-4671

7 Lance, Leonard R 202-225-5361

8 Sires, Albio D 202-225-7919

9 Pascrell Jr., Bill D 202-225-5751

10 Payne Jr., Donald D 202-225-3436

11 Frelinghuysen, Rodney R 202-225-5034

12 Watson Coleman, Bonnie 202-225-5801

2. Call Scott Garrett’s office to say thanks, and tell him we you appreciate and support his courage and conviction, and will not tolerate the retribution that is being discussed against him. 202-225-4465

3. Call John Boehner’s office and express your feelings about his actions against the 25 Congressmen who voted against him. Voice support for Congressman Garrett. 202-225-6205

4. Call the following Congressmen who voted against Boehner and express your appreciation and support.

Phone numbers for all begin with 202-225, then use the following extension. Babin, Blum, Brat, Clawson, and Palmer were just elected.

Rep. Justin Amash (MI) ? 3831
Rep. Brian Babin (TX) ? 1555
Rep. Rod Blum (IA) ? 2911
Rep. Dave Brat (VA) ? 2815
Rep. Jim Bridenstine (OK) – 2211
Rep. Curt Clawson (FL) ? 2536
Rep. Scott DesJarlais (TN) – 6831
Rep. Jeff Duncan (SC) – 5301
Rep. Scott Garrett (NJ) – 4465
Rep. Chris Gibson (NY) – 5614
Rep. Paul Gosar (AZ) – 2315
Rep. Louie Gohmert (TX) – 3035
Rep. Tim Huelskamp (KS) – 2715
Rep. Walter Jones (NC) – 3415
Rep. Steve King (IA) – 4426
Rep. Tom Massie (KY) – 3465
Rep. Mark Meadows (NC) – 6401
Rep. Rich Nugent (FL) – 1002
Rep. Gary Palmer (AL) – 4921
Rep. Bill Posey (FL) – 3671
Rep. Scott Rigell (VA) – 4215
Rep. Marlin Stutzman (IN) – 4436
Rep. Randy Weber (TX) – 2831
Rep. Daniel Webster (FL) – 2176
Rep. Ted Yoho (FL) – 5744

Thanks in advance for your time and efforts. IT MAKES A DIFFERENCE! ?And thanks to Bill and Barbara Eames of Morris Tea Party Patriots for sending us this information. ?You can reach them for more details at?

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