Politics Over High Ratings; Tucker Carlson’s Blessing in Disguise

Mainstream media, Radio, TV and Newspaper; overly dependent on deep pocketed corporate, pharma, tech, etc. ad money.

Taking money from those who could, ultimately, influence editorial and narrative.

Fox News had plenty of My Pillow ads, but no Verizon or Geico. What gives?

Stockholders getting screwed. BlackRock. Woke investing.

Tucker Carlson had biggest audience. AD agency do their clients a great disservice by not placing ad dollars on Tucker and other like him.

Instead, they place ads on barely-a-blip, low rated MSNBC and CNN.

Crime Narrative

Race rarely mentioned in particular cases. Take a guess which kind.

Criminals tougher to identify. Mug shots considered racist.

Mainstream media pushing dangerous, false impression of crazy white people and oppressive police.

Press of Atlantic City

Now just 3 days a week.

No longer delivered, but mailed.

Old news. Really old news.

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