Porous Border, Horrific Atlantic City Conditions.

Discussion points from Seth Grossman appearance on WPG John Demasi radio show of Dec 2, 2023.

Why let criminals out? They sometimes murder while out on (no) bail, waiting for sentencing.

The DeSantis Newsome debate. Both talking over each other. Both breaking debate rules. Referee was Hannity.

Debates are important. They can change poll numbers.

Trump not debating likely hurts him.

Natural gas pipelines blocked by the state. Getting rid of fossil fuels.

Beasley’s Point power plant fiasco.

Approx 68 million illegal aliens in the country today. More pouring thru the southern border each day.

Seth took a cab ride in Florida recently. Driver was from CUBA. How did he get to the USA with a cab job? Step #1. Goes to Nicaragua where he picks up free bus ride to Texas. Free hotel and food included. Get can job right away. Got asylum without legal hearing..

Biden committing impeachable offense. Biden not enforcing immigration law, allowing virtual invasion of 8 million illegals.

US taxpayers are funding these illegals.

Atlantic City. Atlantic Ave. Bums and hobos. Traffic lights not working properly. No heat in City Hall and public housing.

The high cost of low grades. Education cost for each Atlantic City student: 7,000 students. Between $32k-$42k per student.

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