Preview And Sponsor Our 2024 Teaching Calendar: Help Us Refute “Woke” U.S. History With Truth.

Above Image: Cover Of Liberty And Prosperity Teaching Calendar for 2024.  Click Here For Link to Preview:  LP-Calendar-7.18.23.pdf (

We know the “woke” narrative being taught to our children 24/7 in our schools, media, and Hollywood/TV/Online entertainment pop culture.  “America is evil.  Our great wealth was created by toxic white, Christian males from Europe. They invaded America, wiped out Native Americans and stole their land. Then they got rich by capturing Blacks in Africa and bringing them to America as slaves, and then building industries that poisoned the planet.  To bring harmony back to the universe, we must destroy America and pay reparations to all our ‘victims'”.

This entire narrative is a Big Lie.  It was created by Communists during the Cold War of the 1950s and 1960s during their campaign of “Ideological Subversion”.  Click Here For Link to:  Bezmenov: Here’s How We Take Over Countries Without War: 1-20 Years of “Demoralization”, 2-5 Years of “Destabilization”, then 6 Weeks of “Crisis”. – Liberty and Prosperity

The below Prager U Video “Is America stolen land?” exposes that Big Lie point by point.  Our 2024 Teaching Calendar goes one step further.  In each month, it tells true stories of real people here in South Jersey who created a nation of liberty — of freedom, equal opportunity, and equal justice under the law.   These true stories also show that while America was never perfect, if provided more prosperity, opportunity, justice and happiness for more people than any other nation in human history.

We are spending roughly $6,000 to produce roughly 3,000 calendars.  We received a grant from Atlantic County and NJ State government for roughly half that cost.  Please help us cover the other $3,000 by buying an ad, selling an ad, or being a patron.  We have three pages of advertising at $1,000 per page.  Half page is $500, Quarter page is $250.  Business card size is $100.  For more information, please leave message at or at (609) 927-7333.  Thanks.



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