Primary Elections for U.S. Senate, Congress, County/Local Offices June 3

Deadline for filing nominating petitions March 31.?? Deadline for bracketing candidates together with one slogan to appear as a slate or team is April 2.??? Unknown, underfunded “insurgent” candidates have best chance to win in low-turnout, low-budget June Primary elections–especially if they run as teams with bracketed slates and go door to door with voter lists.?? It is almost impossible for “independent” candidates to win in high budget, high turnout November elections.??? Republicans and Democrats usually find candidates for every office because they usually manage and fund their campaigns, and reward their candidates with government jobs, contracts, or other favors–even when they lose. ? Conservative and “Tea Part”y insurgents have to raise their own money, prepare their own reports, and give up their time and money to run–and too often get nothing but criticism from most voters–including conservatives for their efforts. ? ?Will conservatives again have to choose between the “lesser of two evils” in November. ? ? It’s easy to curse the darkness, but much harder to light a candle. ? ?”You can’t beat anybody with nobody!”

If you are thinking about being a candidate, now is the time to plan, organize, and learn. ? ?The best way to learn quick it to contact The Leadership Institute in Arlington, Virginia at?


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