Prophetic Remarks from “Intelligent Student’s Guide to Survival” by Two Ex-Communists in 1968.

“When it is all said and done, the so-called New Left has simply moved into a political vacuum that exists on our college campuses, and has utilized the resourceful tactics and psychological strategems of the Communist left to direct the growing student rebellion.

?We have been content to simply respond to specific outrages committed by this New Left, and even that, in all honesty, we have not done very aptly.?? We are not merely defensive; we are impotent in most cases.??2015-1212-luce-intelligent-student-guide

“The New left and the communist-left act; we somewhat later decry their actions and condemn their? fervor.? The New Left is vital.? We are passive.?? The New Left is concerned with changing society.? We seem only concerned with basking in the rewards of our free enterprise system.

” The New Left is out to destroy not only our heritage of freedom and democracy, but possibly the whole of our country.? We seem only willing to play coffee-cup politics.

“So who is really to blame for the seriousness of this very real threat to our freedom??? The communists??? No!? We are.”

(Those “New-Left” students of the 1960’s now are the senior editors and reporters of our most influential newspapers, and the executives of television networks, Hollywood media companies.??? One of them was Hillary Clinton.? Two of them, Bill Ayers and Bernadine Dohrn were involved with guns and bombs and later became?President Obama’s most influential mentors.?? Ayers also prepared textbooks and curriculums for public schools and colleges throughout the nation.)

The Intelligent Student?s Guide to Survival is a 159 page paperback handbook for community organizers opposed to communism published in 1968.??? Its authors were?Phillip Abbott Luce,?an American who quit the Communist Party in 1965,?and?Douglas Hyde who quit the Communist Party in England after 20 years in 1948.?? Published by? Viewpoint Books, San Diego (1968).? The book originally sold for $1 and is now available on Amazon for roughly $10.

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