If putting natural gas line under street in middle of crowded suburb is no problem. . .

Why did the Communist, environmentalist, and Obama/Clinton Democrat “community organizers”?block?a similar natural gas pipeline under an existing road through 21 miles of empty pine woods?2016-1206-somerspointpipeline1

Why don’t they want the?Beesely’s Point Power Plant by Garden State Parkway Milepost #28 to?give us cheap, clean, and reliable?electricity at night and on windless and cloudy days??? Why don’t they want us to have cheap, clean, and abundant?natural gas to heat our homes in?winter!?? South Jersey Gas has been installing underground natural gas line underneath the?middle of Shore Road in Somers Point, New Jersey, right in front of our Liberty and Prosperity office for the past two days without any problem.?? Please help us deliver more messages like this.??? Please subscribe to receive our Liberty and Prosperity email updates on our home page–then forward them to your friends!?? Please make a tax deductible donation to us on the PayPal button on our home page.?? Please comment on, “like” and “share” our posts on our Liberty And Prosperity Facebook 2016-1206-somerspointpipeline2page.?? Thanks.

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