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Orsted’s claim that Ocean Winds 2 offshore wind project can supply electricity to 500,000 homes is misleading. 500,000 homes can only be supplied occasionally and randomly. This number is based on turbine nameplate rating and assumes a 100% capacity factor which means wind is supplied continually at optimum operating conditions.  This assumption is completely unsupported by east coast and world wind turbine operating experience.

The Atlantic City waste treatment plant, with 7.6 MW of wind power and located near the ocean, has 34% (1) for its best operating capacity. This capacity figure means Ocean Wind 2 could only supply 171,000 homes on the average.

Block Island, the Rhode Island offshore wind farm, with 29 MW of wind power and which is completely ignored in the offshore wind discussion, has 35% (2) for its best capacity factor.

Denmark, the premier wind country of Europe best long term (16 years operation) wind farm has a 44.3% (3) capacity rating. This capacity figure means Ocean Wind 2 could only supply 221,500 homes on the average.

The GE Haliade-X turbine is to be installed for Ocean Wind 1&2. This is a new wind turbine design with minimal operating experience.  All capacity estimates are by calculation only.  GE estimates the capacity to be 60-64%. (4)  This means 320,000 homes can be supplied.

Operating experience and calculations show Ocean Winds 2 and 1 cannot remotely reliably supply 500,000 homes.  What is Orsted’s evidence to support their claim?



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