Quick Response To Year Of Democrat Lies About Republicans

Seth Briliant and I both graduated from Atlantic City High School many years ago.  Both of us went to college and then became lawyers.  I worked in private practice representing individual clients. The other Seth made his career in government.  For years, he worked for one of New Jersey’s many state government agencies.  Last week, Seth Briliant published a letter in the Ocean City Sentinel which repeated every dishonest talking point used by “woke” Democrats and their “mainstream” media during the past year.  It is too late for my response to be published in the Sentinel before tomorrow’s last day of voting.  I am therefore posting it here and now.

The Ocean City Sentinel does not post Letters To The Editor in its online edition.  However, you can read Briliant’s published letter on Page A-8 of the October 27, 2021 Print Edition posted at Ocean City Sentinel Print Edition ‣ (ocnjsentinel.com)

To The Editor Of The Ocean City Sentinel:

Seth Brilliant’s published letter last week repeated every deceptive talking point used by Democrats and their media against Republicans during the past year.

Like most Democrats, the other Seth completely ignores how Democrats and the media made threats, bullying, riots, burning, and looting “normal” in American politics during the past ten years.

In 2011, Democrats cheered when thousands of them, including New Jersey NJEA teachers union members, came from around the country to violently occupy and trash the Wisconsin State Capitol to physically stop elected Republican legislators from adopting laws limiting their power.

Democrats also justified riots, looting, and burning in almost every city in America since Fergusen, Missouri in 2014.  They physically confronting Republican Senators in our Nation’s Capitol during the Kavanaugh hearings in 2018.  They never tried, convicted or punished anyone who attacked police, blocked traffic, or looted stores in Atlantic City during May of last year. They said nothing when an unarmed Trump supporter was hunted and shot to death in cold blood on a Portland sidewalk 13 months ago.

Seth Briliant joined other “woke” Democrats and their media in smearing the thousands of peaceful and respectful Trump supporters who came to Washington to express their views on January 6.  They falsely blame them them for the despicable conduct of a several dozen agitators.  Briliant also repeated their clever claims that “nine people died” that day.  However, they fail to mention that only one died from violence at the Capitol  She was the unarmed female Trump supporter shot to death by a federal police officer.

Briliant, like the media, failed to mention that some of the most aggressive agitators, including Oathkeeper kingpin Stewart Rhodes, were never charged.  Why?  Anyone with an ounce of curiosity would want to know why.  Especially since several of the most aggressive agitators appear to have been working for the FBI, and since it now appears that under cover law enforcement aged instigated the fake plot to supposedly kidnap Michigan’s Democratic Governor.

Brilliant’s other random attacks on Republicans for everything bad that happened in America during the past four years are just as deceptive.  Republicans did not repeal and replace Obamacare only because “Republican” Senators John McCain, Lisa Murkowski, and Susan Collins betrayed their party and worked with Democrats.  Social Security and Medicare were set up from the beginning as unsustainable Ponzi/Bernie Madoff schemes.  They can’t be “stabilized” without raising retirement ages, means testing, massive cutbacks, or bankrupting the country–things that Democrats have no interest in doing.

It was Murphy Democrats, not Republicans, who contested mail-in ballots in last year’s city election in  Paterson, New Jersey.  They overturned that election in court after proving that roughly 22% of them were illegal.  Florida, under Republican Governor Ron DeSantis, has the lowest COVID infection and death rate.

There is no “climate emergency”  The earth has been warming and seas have been rising since the last Ice Age ended 10,000 years ago. Nuclear energy, not useless wind turbines and solar panels is the best alternative to fossil fuels.  Respected environmental scientist Michael Sullenberger explained this in great detail last July in Ocean City.

This response is too late to help Republicans in this year’s elections.  But if we somehow keep Democrats from doing too much damage, we may be able to present these facts before another round of elections next year.

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Seth Grossman, Executive Director




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