Radical Changes In Immigration, Schools Causing “Blue Wave” in NJ Suburbs – Not Trump.

This post is in response to recent article in North Jersey Record “Election 2019 Is Done.  Now Suburban Towns Are Target for 2020”.   Click here for link.

Republican State Senate candidate Michael Testa, and GOP Assembly candidates Erik Simonsen and Antwan McClellan won important elections in Cape May and Cumberland Counties this November. However, Republicans are an endangered species in the rest of New Jersey.  During the past few years, New Jersey Republicans lost both U.S. Senate seats, 11 of 12 U.S. House seats, and the Governor and both houses of the Legislature. Democrats are preparing to “flip” Republicans out of their few remaining strongholds next year.

During the 1980’s, conservative Republican President Ronald Reagan and Republican Governor Tom Kean each won New Jersey twice.  During this time, I won much of the black vote to become a Republican councilman and freeholder in mostly Democratic Atlantic City.

Beginning in the 1980’s, “progressive” Democrats in the media starting using red to for Republicans and blue for Democrats.  They did this deliberately to create an image that tied Republicans to Confederates who lost Civil War.  Above chart shows decline of NJ Republicans in Congress since 1994.  Graphic by NJ.com.

Donald Trump had nothing to do with this.  It was done by 40 years of immigration and public education, and the failure of GOP leaders to do anything about them.

America had almost unlimited immigration for its first 140 years.  However, massive immigration caused by Titanic sized steamships was unsustainable by 1920.  It depressed wages, caused poverty, and fueled bigotry.   After 30 years of debate, America limited legal immigration to roughly 300,000 per year.

Those limits worked well for the next 45 years.  Wages rose, productivity increased, immigrants rapidly learned English, found good, productive jobs, and were accepted.  Even during Depression, America’s large middle class with cars, coffee, and modern appliances, was the envy of the world.

This ended in 1965 when radical Democrats led by Senator Ted Kennedy gutted our immigration laws.  They quadrupled legal immigration to 1.2 million each year.  Immigrants from poor countries and taught since childhood to embrace socialism or other hate-America doctrines got preference.  Once here they qualified for generous welfare benefits created by Democrats for their “War On Poverty” during the 1960’s.  Massive illegal immigration was encouraged.   These new immigrants, their families, and others who profit from big government and low wages support Democrats.

During this time, radical Democrats systematically turned our public schools and colleges into Democrat indoctrination centers.  I saw this as a parent and adjunct professor at our community college.

The Golden Rule of “Love thy neighbor as thyself”  was no longer taught.  Christianity was mentioned in passing only as backwards or intolerant.

Textbooks falsely taught that religious wars between began with the Crusades.  They never mentioned the previous 400 years of Arab invasions, persecutions, and massacres of peaceful Christian communities in North Africa, Egypt, and the Middle East.

They also ignored the great majority of white Americans, mostly Republicans, who fought and died to end slavery and secure civil rights for blacks.  They failed to tell of blacks like Sarah Spencer Washington of Atlantic City and James Reese Europe and Noble Sissel of the “Harlem Renaissance” who achieved great success after their “Great Migration” to Republican states.

Science classes today rarely explain how giant ice sheets covered most of New Jersey during the Ice Age, and then melted when global warming began 10,000 years ago.

My daughters were falsely taught that women faced discrimination in the workplace and were paid less then men who did the same work.  They told me the opposite was true when they finished school and got jobs in the real world.

As a result of this indoctrination, more and more young people vote for Democrats.

The clenched fist salute of 1920’s Communists symbolizes just as 

much hate and violence as the similar salute of Nazis (National Socialists).

Yet the Communist salute is now accepted and “cool” among “progressive Democrats.

Photo by northjersey.com

Republican President Ronald Reagan failed to cut immigration when he agreed to amnesty for 3 million illegals in 1986.   President Bush failed to enforce immigration laws after 19 “undocumented”  foreigners murdered 3,000 Americans in 2001.

Republican Governors Christie Todd Whitman and Chris Christie did not even try to stop the radical Democratic indoctrination in our public schools and colleges.

This is why even suburban Republicans are fighting for survival.

New Jersey Republicans at every level need to push back on the most controversial issues.  For the past 40 years, they did everything possible to avoid them.   Republicans must again embrace the basic ideas of individual liberty and limited Constitutional government. They must systematically and openly tell young, suburban voters why their futures depend on bringing legal and illegal immigration back down to sustainable levels.  They need to refute the lies our young people grew up with–not pander to them.

We must also make those same arguments to minorities in our inner cities.   They are the ones hurt most by massive immigration.  They are hurt most by dumbed down public schools and colleges that put indoctrination above job training and education.

Seth Grossman is an attorney and executive director of LibertyAndProsperity.com.  He was a Republican freeholder and councilman-at-large in Atlantic City.  He was defeated by Democrat Jeff Van Drew when he ran for Congress last year.  He also unsuccessfully ran for Governor in the Republican Primary against Chris Christie in 2013.

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Seth Grossman, Executive Director



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