Republican freeholder majority tables vote on new tax for homeless.

Atlantic County Republican Freeholders tabled (delayed a vote) on a bad and unnecessary tax at their meeting in Pleasantville?today.?? ?Click here for Press of Atlantic City report.

But why didn?t they just vote it down?? Why prolong an issue that portrays Republicans as “mean”, and?helps Democrats every time it gets media attention??? Why do they want this issue to come up again?before the next election?

Two weeks ago, three Republicans joined two Democrats to propose a new $3 tax on all documents filed with County Clerk.???? Even then, it was clear that the tax was a bad idea. It was a targeted ?stamp tax? on a small group of people who file most of the 83,000 documents filed with the county clerk each year.? Atlantic County already spends $2.6 million on the homeless?more than enough.?? The money will be dished out by a stacked ?Task Force? of Democrat ?community organizers?.??? Democrat supporters of the tax made it clear they wanted the money to start new programs that would require more spending and taxes in future years.

Democrats packed the room with supporters who claimed anyone who opposed the new tax lacked compassion. But more than a dozen taxpayers took the time to oppose the tax.?? We spent roughly $500 to make people aware of this issue.

In the end 6 Republicans voted to table taking action on the tax today.?? The 2 Democrats and Republican Freeholder Alex Merlino voted against delaying a vote on?the tax.

The Republican majority had the votes to kill the tax.?? They had persuasive arguments to support them.??? Republicans got broad public support from many members of the public, including veterans.?? So why didn?t the Republican majority simply vote down the tax and get rid of the issue??? Why did they leave the issue unresolved, so Democrats can embarrass Republicans by bringing it up at any time?? Why did the Republican majority so such little respect and consideration for the taxpayers who spent two hours at the meeting to publicly support them??? Do the Republicans expect their supporters to go through this ordeal again, when it is totally unnecessary??

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