Help Us Fight Their Hate & “Republicans Kill Children” Lies.

Above Featured Image:  This Postcard Was Mailed to Seth Grossman at our office in Somers Point, NJ last week.  Grossman has received similar mail and voicemail messages on a regular basis since he won nomination to be Republican candidate for Congress in 2018. Democrats admit they are not trying to persuade Republicans and independents to agree with them.  They openly brag they will defeat us “by any means necessary”.  That includes bullying, threats, and intimidation like this.  And massive legal and illegal immigration to replace us.

Democrats in the South ran identical propaganda campaigns against Republicans and anyone who opposed slavery for twenty years before the Civil War.  Those Democrats falsely blamed Republicans and anyone who opposed slavery for being a threat to all whites in the South.  As a result, Republicans and anyone who openly criticized slavery there were threatened, beaten and killed until all opposition to Democrats was silenced.  When Republican Abraham Lincoln was elected President in 1860, very few opposed Democrats willing to go to war to preserve slavery and break up the United States.  Democrats in the South ran identical hate campaigns against white and black Republicans after the Civil War.  That caused a hundred years of threats, violence, and murders of blacks in the South, who voted solidly Republican until the 1940s.

National Socialists (Nazis) in Germany ran identical propaganda campaigns against Jews in the 1930s.  They falsely blamed Jews for every problem in Germany, including losing World War I!  They caused such hatred against Jews that few Germans defended them when they were threatened, bullied, beaten, and eventually mass murdered.

Above Image:  Bing Headline News For June 24, 2022 Is Typical.  It Features Eight News Articles.  Six promote “woke” Left talking points.  One is a neutral local story about a fire.  One is from Washington Examiner, a conservative news source promoting conservative theme of businesses moving out of Democrat run states and into Republican states like Florida.  That conservative source was probably included in the mix only because this Bing subscriber has a browsing history of visiting conservative sites.  It probably does not appear on the screens of other Microsoft Bing subscribers.

Years ago, this propaganda was delivered through newspapers and speeches.  Today, this is also done with television, Microsoft, MSN, Bing, and AOL home pages, rigged Google searches, Twitter, Wikipedia and Facebook.    However, the methods are the same.  All media cleverly combines the telling of lies together with the systematic blocking of all truth and sources of truth that refute those lies.

Democrats falsely call today’s Republicans a “new” and “dangerous” threat to democracy almost every day.  Roughly half of Americans believe that lie because they know only what they are told by the media.  Every day, they see, read, and hear “news” stories that are carefully selected, edited, and manipulated.  During the past month, almost all of those stories have been about  one of four issues.  They are the January 6 riot by roughly 300 people at the Capitol, the Supreme Court decision on abortion, the mass shootings in suburban Chicago and Uvalde, Texas, and hot weather caused by “climate change”.  That is because these four stories promote the political campaign issues Democrats need to win the next elections.

Meanwhile, other important news stories are completely buried.  They include stories showing how out-of-control government spending has raised the price of everything.  How an invasion of nearly two million illegal foreigners is overwhelming law enforcement,  schools, health care,  and food supplies.  How new “climate change” rules are shutting down shutting down  il and natural gas wells and raising gasoline and electric prices.

The truth is available to those who watch Fox News, Newsmax or listen to conservative talk radio.  It is also available to those who follow independent news sources online and bypass Facebook, Google, and Twitter censorship.  However, less than half the country does that.  The rest of the country gets all of their facts on public issues from Democrats who control all other news sources.  Here is how that media reports the issues surrounding January 6, abortion, gun control, and “climate change”.

January 6:  All of the stories posted, published, and broadcast by the media falsely blame all Republicans are responsible for a riot caused by a few hundred people out of a nation of 300 million on January 6, 2021.  Every day they repeat the lie that “rioters” or “insurrectionists” were “armed” and “killed 5 people”.  The truth is that none had firearms, and that the five who died were short or beaten by police, or died of natural causes.  However, the biggest lies of the Democrat media is not reporting the truth.  They do not report how Democrats began undermining faith in elections  threatened democracy when they lost a close election in 2016.  They never mention that it was Democrats who undermined confidence in our elections when they narrowly lost in 2016.  Then, Democrats falsely claimed the election they lost was “rigged” by the Russians.  It was Democrats who bribed, bullied, and intimidated Electors chosen and pledged to vote for Donald Trump in 2016 to break their pledges, and cause a Constitutional crisis.  It was Democrats who systematically organized and funded “Not My President” riots in almost every Democrat run city for more than a year following the 2016 Election.  It was Democrats who made political riots, looting, burning, destruction, beatings, and killings by Democrats that became normal in America for eight months before January 6, 2017.  At that time, the “Proud Boys” began as citizen volunteers who protected Trump supporters, when police did little or nothing when Trump supporters were beaten and murdered by Democrats in Seattle, Portland, and Minneapolis.  The Democrat media never repeated or reported any of these events as threats to democracy. They never use the word “insurrectionists” to describe those who destroyed, looted, and burned to “protest” the death of George Floyd.  They never use the word “protestors” to describe those who peacefully protested at the Capitol on January 6.

Abortion:  The Democrat newspapers, TV, and online news sources falsely portray Republicans as men who want limits on abortions “because they want to control women’s bodies”.  The truth is that most “pro-life” advocates are women, and that more women than men want limits on abortion.  Many of these women had abortions in the past, and regret what they did.  The Press of Atlantic City is typical.  Poorly attended “pro-choice” local rallies are routinely posted with photos as front page news.  Better attended “pro-life” events where most participants are women are rarely even mentioned.  The Democrat media also rarely mentions that the Mississippi law approved by the U.S. Supreme Court permits all abortions up to the 15th week, and abortions for “medical emergencies” and “birth defects” afterwards.  The media rarely mentions that abortions after 15 weeks involve the destruction of a life that is clearly visible on ultrasound images.  The media rarely mentions that 46,000 abortions take place in New Jersey alone, and that very few of them involve rape, incest, or health of the mother.  The media rarely report that 34% of all pregnancies for Black Americans end in abortion.  The media only reports the most extreme and unpopular statements of the most extreme and unpopular opponents of all abortions.

Gun Control:  Democrats falsely blame Republicans for deaths caused by school shootings and other gun deaths.  They falsely claim “lenient” gun laws caused these deaths and that more restrictions on law abiding gun owners will “save lives”.  The media was forced to briefly report the gross incompetence and dishonesty of the public school and law enforcement officials who responded to the Uvalde, Texas and Parkland, Florida school shootings.  However, the media systematically suppressed all discussion of how Democrat policies, not lack of stricter gun laws, caused these senseless deaths.  Democrats hav made public schools “gun free zones”, rather than protect them like airports and court houses.  Democrat “confidentiality laws” prevent public school teachers, administrators, and health professionals from sharing information of mentally ill and dangerous students with law enforcement.  Democrat policies promote treating difficult teenage boys with mood altering drugs that have long term deadly effects.  Democrat punishment of police who make good faith, quick decisions to shoot dangerous criminals encourages police to now be “safe” and do nothing but call for backup when a dangerous criminal ignores their instructions or runs away.  Police officers could have easily shot the armed teenage attacker before he entered the Uvalde school, but they did nothing.  After George Floyd and Atlanta, what police officer would shoot a 16 year old Hispanic boy running away?  At both Parkland and Uvalde, all of the top law enforcement officers responding to the shooter were appointed because of politics, race, and “diversity” rather than competence.

Elisjsha Dicken is name of the 22 year old lawful gunowner who stopped a mass shooting and saves countless lives of all races at the food court of an Indiana shopping mall.  However, the media quickly buried his story because it would not help Democrats win the next election. 

On July 17, the media briefly reported that a 22 year old legal gun owner stopped a mass shooting at the food court of an Indiana shopping mall by shooting and killing the gunman after a few shots.  Were there any follow up stories praising his courage and skills?   Did any major newspaper, TV or online news source report how many other times legal gun owners stopped or prevented other violent crimes.  The national media did not report the 13 year old who shot others on the main street of Atlantic City, NJ in broad daylight, or the group of teenagers who beat a 73 year old man to death with a traffic cone in Philadelphia las July.  It did not report how nearly 10,000 black Americans are murdered very year mostly by other black Americans in American cities with the strictest gun laws, and Democrat mayors, prosecutors, and police chiefs.  The media never reported how illegal gun use and possession is common in these cities because criminals are quickly released without punishment, and rarely punished for violation of existing gun laws.

The media does not report any stories that do not support its narrative that Republicans are responsible for all gun deaths because they oppose new laws to restrict or punish lawful gun owners.

Climate Change:  When it is unusually hot in the summer, the media blames Climate change.  The media has not yet reported that the ocean is unusually cold.  The media said nothing about Climate Change when the weather was unusually cold last winter.  The media fails to mention that unusually cold weather kills far more people than unusually warm weather.  It fails to mention that fewer people die from unusual heat than unusual cold.  The media fails to mention that hurricanes are not more severe than in the past, and that poor forest management, not Climate Change, caused bad fires in California last year.  The media fails to mention that carbon dioxide is not pollution.  It is a lifegiving gas that is breathed out by every animal and vital to every green plant.  Green plants grow bigger and faster when there is more carbon dioxide.  The Supreme Court knocked out President Biden’s plan for the EPA to shut down power plants that produced carbon dioxide because he had no power to do so.  In 1970, Congress gave the EPA (Environmental Protection Agency) the power to stop power plants from putting poison and pollution into the air and water.  However, the EPA had no power to declare that carbon dioxide was poison or pollution.  Scientists have discovered that the planet Mars may be getting warmer, and that many things other than carbon dioxide are causing the planet to get warmer.  Other scientists claim that the planet is warming very slowly and that this may be consistent with climate cycles that have been going on for billions of years.  Finally, there is no evidence that “green” solar and wind energy is reducing fossil fuel use.  Because that energy is weak and unreliable, large amounts of fossil fuel must be burned for backup generators.  However, the media has not reported any of those stories because they do not help Democrats win elections.

The media does not report any stories of Republicans making reasonable, fact-based arguments for better enforcement of existing laws rather than new laws.  The media does not report any news about any Republicans except for Republicans like Liz Cheney and Adam Kinzinger who praise Democrats and attack other Republicans, or Republicans like Marjorie Taylor Greene and Lauren Boebert.

This is not by accident.  It is classic political hate propaganda.  Report only good things about your side.  Report only bad things about the enemy side.  Report only news stories that make your side look good or the other side look bad.  Suppress any news that makes the other side look good or your side look bad.  Offer lavish praise and coverage to those “useful idiots” on the other side who promote your agenda until they are no longer useful.  This propaganda is very effective, and very dangerous.  It brought Civil War to America, a century of murders, lynching, and Jim Crow to the South.  It brought National Socialism to Germany, and World War and the Holocaust to Europe.  Help us stop it in America today by helping us report and share the truth as much as we can. is a tax-exempt, non-political education organization of roughly 200 citizens who mostly live near Atlantic City, New Jersey.  We formed this group in 2003. We volunteer our time and money to maintain this website. We do our best to post accurate information. However, we admit we make mistakes from time to time.  If you see any mistakes or inaccurate, misleading, outdated, or incomplete information in this or any of our posts, please let us know. We will do our best to correct the problem as soon as possible. Please email us at or telephone (609) 927-7333.

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