23 year old Richard Somers commanded a ship in 1801. Today’s young adults still living with Mom and Dad.

Compare Wall Street Journal article “More young adults boarding with Mom and Dad”


with story of Richard Somers. Somers was 23 years old when given command of navy warship-sailed to North Africa in 1801. Finished school at age 16, with better reading, writing, math, and science skills than most college grads today. Mastered sailing and navigation skills by age 18. Hired and paid crews and sailed ships between New York and Philadelphia by age 19. Trained to be navy officer at age 20. Back then, most young Americans had similar education and on-the-job training and were self-sufficient by their 20’s– prosperous by their 30’s. . . until the “progressive” left took over our schools in 1960’s. www.libertyandprosperity.org.

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