To Understand 9-11 Attacks on America, Know Why America Went to War Against Jihad in 1804.

At first we thought Richard Somers was a forgotten hero. Now we know he was deliberately forgotten because his story is inconvenient to people who hate America.

To understand the September 11, 2001 attacks on America, learn the story of Richard Somers and the attacks that began in 1784!

Richard Somers (like the great majority of Americans of his day) did not own any slaves, and did not kill or steal from any Indians.?? Like most Americans then, Richard Somers got 8 years of basic schooling and mastered a useful trade by age 16 — more than what most Americans get today at age 22 after 12 years of public school and 4 years of college! ? Like most Americans then, Somers succeeded because America was a “Land of Boundless Opportunity” where Liberty created Prosperity.? (Today, taxes, insurance, licenses, and permits make that impossible for most people).

America was founded as a peaceful nation.?We got rid of both our army and navy when we won our independence. Since Americans “had caused no offense or injury” to any other nation, we expected other nations to treat us the same way.

Americans were shocked when Islamic terrorists suddenly attacked and robbed American ships, and held their crews and passengers for ransom (or sold them into slavery).? When John Adams and Thomas Jefferson asked why, their ambassador said it was the duty of Muslims to attack and enslave all non-believers who refused to pay tribute.

For 15 years, Americans paid tribute (bribes) and ransom to obtain peace and protect our people. But? after 15 years, Americans had enough. We shouted “Millions for defense, not one cent for tribute!”

In 1798, we created our first navy. Richard Somers of Somers Point (then part of Egg Harbor Township) was one of the first to join at age 20. In 1801, President Thomas Jefferson sent our navy to the shores of North Africa to fight Islamic sea-fighters there. Richard Somers was put in command of one of those warships at age 23, and died during a daring attack on September 4, 1804.

Islamic sea fighters had been at war with Christian Europe for 1100 years.? Young Americans like Richard Somers? inflicted such defeats on the Islamic terrorists that the Islamic world made peace with Europe and America for the next 190 years.

Pope Pius VII said after one battle: “The United States did more for the cause of Christianity than the most powerful nations of Christendom have done for ages”.

Islamic attacks on Europe and America began again in the 1990’s when we forgot the stories of great Americans like Richard Somers, and the lessons they taught.

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